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C.T. Sorrentino
Son, Husband, Father, Retired Air Force Officer, Licensed Psychotherapist, Non-Profit Founder
Son, Husband, Father, Retired Air Force Officer, Licensed Psychotherapist, Non-Profit Founder

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The loss of Glenn Frey yesterday made me reminiscent of the concert we went to in March 2009 where he seemed at the top of his game and in excellent health. We never know when our journey on this planet will end and must remember to enjoy and savor every single moment.

The photo is of Glenn Frey and Joe Welsh during the Eagles "Long Road Out of Eden Tour" at the Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO (March 28, 2009)

How Long
I Don't Want to Hear Anymore
Guilty of the Crime
Hotel California
Peaceful Easy Feeling
I Can't Tell You Why
Witchy Woman
Lyin' Eyes
The Boys of Summer
In the City
The Long Run
No More Walks in the Wood
Waiting in the Weeds
No More Cloudy Days
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Take It to the Limit
Long Road Out of Eden
Walk Away
One of These Nights
Life's Been Good
Dirty Laundry
Funk #49
Heartache Tonight
Life in the Fast Lane

Take It Easy

On an interesting note, while I was waiting for Elisa to come back from the ladies restroom before the concert, I happened to be standing next to Steven Spielberg who was also waiting for his wife to return from the same place. After he admitted that he was in-fact Steven Spielberg and we had a short chat, Elisa came out of the loo. As she approached, Spielberg was to my left and Elisa was looking straight ahead at me. I said, "Elisa, I'd like to introduce you to Steven Spielberg". She looked at him, shook his hand, then we said our goodbyes. As Elisa and I walked away, she said, "that wasn't Steven Spielberg, was it?" To which I replied, "yes, that WAS Steven Spielberg".

He told me that he is a friend of Don Henley and flew in from LA for the concert. Nice guy.

Rest in Peace Glenn!

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New Post: Selfless or Narcissist ... That Is The Question!

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Orecchiette, which means "little ears" in Italian (you'll see why) the TALKING CAT says "No", I didn't turn on the ceiling fan!

When the living room ceiling fan mysteriously turned on in the middle of a thunderstorm, Orecchiette's owner questions the cat, asking him if he turned it on (not expecting a reply obviously).  Orecchiette, aka Mr. Brutto ("Mr. Ugly" in Italian), replies "NO"...TWICE!

Not only does Mr. Brutto say "no", he shakes his head "no" (twice) when he is continually grilled by his stupid owner!

Orecchiette was a feral cat who used to visit for dinner on our porch.  In October 2011, he finally let us get close enough to touch him, then pet him.  He was not looking good and we thought he was on the verge of death, so we brought him into our home.  Being allergic, I tried to isolate him in a storage room in the basement, but as he grew stronger, so did our attachment to him.  Now Orecchiette has run of the house ... and our hearts ... we are sure you will understand why after watching this video.

Introducing Orecchiette ... Mr. Brutto: THe TALKING CAT!

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"Great blog"

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Cool beans ... GREAT STUFF!

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