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This week I learned about a fantastic history portal, Chris Vallance has been touring Silicon UK and I made a new friend called Flossie.

Reading history is naturally an interesting pursuit. Going to the museum means that we can also explore evidence of times gone by, curated by experts. But in one lifetime alone, so much can change that we can in fact become curators ourselves.

Veli Radev used to be a BBC journalist and is now an interpreter and video producer. He also runs a website called MyCentury.tv . He told me more about how his passion and experience became a valuable online archive.

In a letter leaked last month, Vince Cable, the business secretary, urged the Prime Minister to do more to boost Britain’s technology industry. So, with the budget this week, how can the UK recreate some of the success of the giants of silicon valley? Chris Vallance has been visiting some of the places in the UK that have been dubbed "silicon" to find out what business people there think.

If you’re fond of your software being free and open source and you want to support women in technology, then the Flossie conference might be for you. It’s coming up in May and Anna Morris who is a free software foundation Europe fellow and founding member of Flossie and she told me all about it.

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