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Very happy to share this news.

We moved the FreeDOS website to new hosting on Monday. SF got web hosting back up today, so our site is working again for the software list and wiki. They are still working to restore source code.

The FreeDOS website is still down because of the outage at SourceForge, day 4. The folks at SF are working hard to restore service, but we don't know when things will be back (probably mid-week). In the meantime, we are bringing up a backup copy of the FreeDOS website on alternative hosting. Things are in place, we are just waiting for the DNS change to take place in a few hours.

I'm not sure yet if this is a temporary website move, or permanent. There is $$ cost to me personally to move this to the new location, full cost depends on traffic and bandwidth. After SF is fully back, including mail lists, we'll have a discussion on the mail list about future direction. So please watch for that and join the list if you aren't already on it.

The FreeDOS website is down due to problems at SourceForge. It's now been 48 hours. The project summary is back but most services, including web, are still offline. Sorry.

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In case you missed it, EdTech Magazine listed me in the 50 must-read higher ed technology blogs!

Jim Hall, director of IT at the University of Minnesota, Morris, has been blogging about "leadership and vision" in higher education IT since 2008. He keeps his community up to date on every angle of technology — from networks, security and privacy issues to his hilarious but spot-on "leadership lessons" for a tech-driven world.
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