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Angela Melick
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It's Panel Roulette! Tweet us your panel suggestions at #PanelRoulette  on Twitter and we will change topics every 5min! 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Angela Melick. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
ComfyCon 2014 Panel Roulette
Sat, November 22, 2014, 3:00 PM
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Angela Melick

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<a class="ot-hashtag" href="">#hangoutsonair</a>John Troutman, Alina Pete, Marie D McNeill, Ryan Smith, and Patrick Race
ComfyCon - Drawing Jam with Alina Pete!
Angela Melick and 5 others participated
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Hi Angela! May I please come into the drawing room?
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Angela Melick

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If IKEA can pull this off it would be sooo coooolll....

Use Augmented Reality to preview IKEA things in your own apartment- They seem to be using the Ikea catalogue itself as a method to locate and scale the furniture... really clever!
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So... you aim it at the spot where you want it and it overlays an image of a pile of boards and hardware on the floor with the assembly tools or instructions missing?
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Angela Melick

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Best use for 3D printing: making adorable shells for hermit crabs
Amazingly intricate work by Japanese artist Aki Inomata.
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Angela Melick

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I find this fascinating... scientists have discovered a way to record data that will 'survive the human race'. 

I've often thought about how 'big data' will affect sociology in the future. We're creating so much data right now, but if it all degrades within a generation, it can't be mined for an analysis of broader patterns. But if this data can be preserved for thousands of years... that's something to think about.

Maybe reconsider some of your tweets ;)
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Angela Melick

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Really clever - 3D printed casts that are breathable, fit perfectly, and can be taken in the shower. Having had a few broken bones, I would definitely have preferred this.
Jake Evill's recent conceptual project "the Cortex exoskeletal cast" is designed to replace the usual plaster casts with a highly technical and trauma-zone-localised support system created using 3D printing.
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Anywhere they want... with their 3D cast signing printer.
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Have them in circles
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Angela Melick

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Angela Melick

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What's the next book ecosystem?

I've been giving Seth's latest post a great deal of thought today. Give it a read, I think it's a really excellent meditation on the current state of affairs in the world of physical printed media:

I'm a book person. I create them, I collect them, but even I'm preparing for a shift. For most books and publications, I will seek out the electronic edition. 

I definitely miss reading, but I think I miss the freedom that I used to have to just curl up for hours with a book than the books themselves. I still take my e-reader on trains and vacations, but my daily life is packed. 

So if we define "books" as a "self-contained collection of ideas on a topic" - what will that revolve around? My best guess right now is that it will be driven by fandoms and online discussions. I'm reminded of my friend +Jonathon Dalton who recently told me about how he started reading Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities and managed to spoil himself by looking up a related hashtag. It's so easy now to self-assemble around an author, genre, or series. 

That's my best guess, but who knows. I know books as collections are here to stay, and books as objects of art will be around for a long time. I'm excited to watch this evolve. 
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It's pretty hard to separate a book from all of the stuff you need to get it into your hands, isn't it? I have a hard time treating the contents the same when the carriage has morphed into a jet engine. When I think on it, is a book any different than a lengthy set of blog posts? Or a text based game where the only game part is that you click through chunks of text? One comes from Penguin Books, the other comes from Zork. Now that paper isn't involved - everything becomes a bit hazy. Will it be called a book because it's meant for a e-reader and doesn't have pictures and sounds? Or, since we're electronic and of course you can add sounds to a book, will the term be used for all sorts of things that don't make any sense (like a rotary telephone icon being used for a cell phone "call" button)?
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Angela Melick

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A really interesting piece on 'Internet Friendships' from the Mary Sue

The internet has allowed me to connect with people all over the world, except that it has been through my art rather than a game. Artistic skill is fairly common, but not common enough that it's easy to find others in your local community. I've built some amazing friendships that started only as a tweet or a comment. I agree that it is a different type of friendship but I definitely consider them "true friends" and I'm very grateful for them. 
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This is something I've been thinking about for a while. I've made several friendships online that have become real-world friendships. It's a different way of communicating, but that doesn't make it inferior. The only weird thing I find is when you meet someone in person that you talk to online every day, and you have nothing new to talk about...
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I've been really interested on what this is going to be. Could be really cool.
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Angela Melick

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AutoDesk follows Adobe's lead and starts offering cloud-based 3D CAD software services. Starting at $25/mo, it's a very competitive option!

Really interested to see how this shift rolls out in industry. 
Wondering how the future of cloud-based 3D CAD is developing? More and more services are coming online with cloud-based offerings and Autodesk is certainly leading the way in both offloading processing for simulation and having complete access to your software and data via a web connection–it's ...
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A bit annoying....  wellt he Adobe move to it... I use 3 of their programs not even once a month and they want $50/month!   They need to have a license for home/casual users with a lower price.
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Angela Melick

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Using a micro-CT scanner and a 3D printer to get at the inside of a Kinder Surprise... without breaking it!
A comic strip, explaining the wonders of X-ray scanning and 3D printing, demonstrated by printing a perfect replica of a Kinder Surprise toy but without breaking the egg, has won the 2013 Research as Art competition hosted by the university.
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I've seen CT-imaging of Kinder Eggs before, but really neat to see it connected to printing as well :-)
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