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A place for Chattanooga hackers and developers to share
A place for Chattanooga hackers and developers to share

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Don't forget Chadev+DevOps tonight at The Edney! MongoDB for DevOps! Live stream here:

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Couldn't make it to yesterday's Chadevs+Python? Never fear! We recorded Stephen Haywood 's talk for YOU!

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Chadev+Python is starting now! Catch it online if you can't make it to The Edney!

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Don't forget! Chadev+Python tonight, be sure to RSVP here: Can't make it? Live stream is:

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We hope you're joining us at The Edney for lunch, if you can't make it check out our live stream here:

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Join us to brainstorm public speaking topics. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a few topics that you’re confident about and excited about. 

You can give a Chadev lunch presentation on one of these topics, or you can give a talk at another event. 

Are you interested in public speaking, but you’re not sure what to speak about? Join us! Are you deathly afraid of public speaking and thinking, “%$#& no! I don’t want to speak publicly!” Join us anyway. We may just motivate you to overcome your fear of public speaking.  

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If you’re not sure what cost functions are and why they matter join us for this talk. If you do, River will be covering ground to keep you engaged as well.

Now a quick word from River:


Cost functions are everywhere. All website optimizations make use of cost functions (it’s the thing you want to minimize). All neural nets are trained using cost function optimization: Siri, Google Search, and IBM Watson. But cost functions aren’t only found in software. Every decision you make is a miniature cost function optimization; that is, a process of weighing and scoring options (and the acting on the “best” option based on your assumptions).


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Andrew Rodgers has been working with advanced research networks for several years, and is going to share what innovations might be gained from these experimental platforms. Along the way he'll touch on how the Internet works, how it grew into what it is today, and how it might be improved in the future.

"What Andrew lacks in knowledge, he makes up for with excessive boorish slides." - an internet expert (Ted Stevens)

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Are you interested in Delivering Applications Faster, Cheaper and with Improved Quality?  

CA DevOps can enable you to do all of this and more - Please join us for a Continuous Delivery overview & Service Virtualization demo to learn how.

CA is unique in our ability to help organizations enable agile development to deliver on development strategies such as  Digital Transformation, Mobile Strategies and many others.  CA has invested heavily in our DevOps solutions, the addition of Rally Software to our team is the most recent example of our investment and commitment to driving customer results.  We are the only company who can offer our clients a comprehensive solution including Service Virtualization, Continuous Validation, Continuous Delivery and Test Data Management.  We have the results to prove it.  In this session we will discuss how CA is working with our customers to enable:

• Faster time-to-market: often reducing the timeline for delivery of new application features by 25-50%

• Accelerated continuous delivery: reducing deployment cycles from weeks and days to hours or minutes

• Automate your testing: discovering 60%-90% more defects at least one stage earlier in the software development life cycle

• Significantly remove Test Data Management Pain: CA’s innovative solution can help to automate this process and reduce the wait time Dev/Test experiences in setting up what they need to do their job 


• Continuous Delivery Overview

• An overview of what CA is offering to meet the demands of the Application Economy

• Service Virtualization/Test Automation, Release Automation, Test Data Management

• Service Virtualization and Test Automation Overview

• A quick technical overview and demo scenario set up

• DEMOSTRATION: Service Virtualization and Test Automation 

• In a flash!,  Virtual Service creation from Recording, Request Response Pairs, Swagger and other Web Service Specifications.​

• Magic Strings and Magic Dates, are they truly magic?!

• We can heal your virtual service when its sick.

• Portal features allow quick releases of virtual services across the enterprise 

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This week's talk is brought to you by Lamp Post Group.

As developers, we sometimes forget that real people are going to be using our apps. In this talk, Andrew Steele - a Front End Engineer, UX Enthusiast, and Writer - will guide site and app creators in the importance of telling a story with their products. Looking at empathy, user stories, and infusing personality and creativity into something as small as a single button, listeners will walk away with practical advice and tools to make the web human again, one interface at a time.
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