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Pinterest - do you use it - what for - will it replace Google Plus?
I just came across some interesting info about Pinterest
Pinterest has 3.6% of referral traffic which is more than these 3 services have COMBINED:
--- +YouTube (1.05%),
--- +Googleplus (0.22%), and
--- +LinkedIn (0.2%)

The above is according to +Shareaholic 's January 2012 Referral Traffic Report.
Pinterest grew 44% from 2.5% of referral traffic in December 2011, after owning just 0.17% of the traffic in July 2011.
Facebook remained the top referral source, growing 3% month-over-month from 25.6% to 26.4%.
+StumbleUpon also maintained its second ranking, though it dropped 22% from 6.5% to 5.07%.
Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined.
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Hi +Urs E. Gattiker -- you asked about how to use Pinterest. Here's a G+ chat on it started by +Chris Brogan

Also, you should check out +jan gordon 's curated content Pinterest Watch here:

I use the platform for both business and personal activities. Since photos are the main focus, anytime one of my curated articles has a great photo, I add it to my Story Photos board with a little description and link to the article. So it drives traffic.

I also use the platform to bring together a collection of infographics I like and those I don't -- which helped me write the guest blog post for you.

One of my boards is artwork from my studio. I sell the artwork but not online yet. So when I get that set up, I'll use that board to promote/sell my stuff.

I've been having lots of fun with Pinterest. It's great eye-candy. But I also notice that as I share on Pinterest, I'm getting traffic and conversations on my other social media sites. Which I think is really cool.

I had 26 shares yesterday. I'll be following many of them. Still trying to figure out if I should be playing the numbers game, i.e. lots of following/followers or be more selective like with G+.

Pinterest is drawing women heavily. But more men are showing up. I read an article where Gentlemint seems to be the similar platform where the guys are hanging out.

Here's my Pinterest link:
+Karen Dietz pardon my ignorance but if I look at this it is pretty much like Flickr where I can put up pictures as well including tags.
===> (general social media)
===> (social media measurement)
I share content there which I can then link to using Twitter or use such material in presenations, workshops and lectures.

PS: how do you know it is relevant traffic you get from Pinterest.... I am not sure if I do from Flickr it is just a tool I use .... it helps. I use a slide with graphics and some text and put these up... infographics with a story :-)

PS. I find +jan gordon's site interesting thanks for sharing
I don't know yet what relevant traffic I get from Pinterest yet +Urs E. Gattiker . That will remain to be seen. I can share any Pinterest post on Twitter and FB if I wanted.

It is fascinating how we connect with different platforms.

I checked out your flickr collections. Looks good. Pinterest has much less text though so it is much more visual than what you've got on flickr. But I think it is all about what works for you and where you feel the most comfortable.
Aha, super Karen.... Love it.... I continue observing Pinterest but continue my work on Flickr :-)
I can't imagine it will replace GPlus but i think it has interesting uses. Look at +Beth Kanter's "Pinactivism" around the Susan G Komen issue. This is going to be a big thing and it's fun to watch people figuring out how to use it.
Janet, thanks so much for the information about +Beth Kanter's "Pinactivism" I will have to check it out.
Yes, as the numbers above suggest, Pinterest is already big but I wonder for how long and when demand will slow down.
I remember Second Life .... or Beebo that all once were a hit... but have pretty much gone. Oh I forgot Aarquark etc.
Thanks for sharing.
Good points +Janet Fouts and +Urs E. Gattiker . I love what +Beth Kanter did with her Pinterest board around the Komen issue. We will see the other creative ideas others come up with. I do see how I will be using both Pinterest and G+ to post back and forth on an issue or topic.
+Brian Titus You gave us a very interesting link that should also concern +Sarah Hoffman, +Beth Kanter and +Karen Dietz who all three love this tool.
To me, data protection and #privacy matters a great deal. What I see in the code with Pinterest images shows that codes are modified. Adding their tracking code to get sales' commissions when I do not have one or would like to use my own when connecting to Amazon, for instance, is an issue here, for sure.
I also think Brian has a point regarding copyright issues. Whose image is it, if mine, why should Pinterest get any commission, what about if is an open license?.
So if you have an image from and an affiliate code, instead of you getting the 30% commission, Pinterest adds its code and gets the commission instead.
Nowhere in the user guidelines is this mentioned. How can people accept this.... worse than Facebook. WHAT you think about this? #risk #infosec
Details here:
WHAT YOU THINK as a Geek +Shelly Kramer ??
Yes +Urs E. Gattiker , this is an issue. I think they've made a big mistake here. I don't mind them making money -- it's the lack of disclosure that irks me. And then I also wonder what this does for copyrights of original material.
+Karen Dietz Good question, I am not sure what it means when it comes to disclosure they surely should tell us that.
Copyright is another issue.
I hope the public pressure makes them change quick. Thanks Karen for sharing.
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