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Sharing is Caring - YES -. but the effort it takes
I have discovered a tendency in #Xing  and #LinkedIn  that sharing is getting to be less and less.
Does this mean people are no longer willing to share, inundated with information or what is it?  For me +Urs E. Gattiker   it is getting too much I have to focus.
Example below shows a group with limited resonance:
===>  6747 members .... put posts get about 25 reads ONLY and nearly never a reply
WHAT IS HAPPENING ... same on Google Plus, Facebook? Your experience? Is it just me? Can you advise
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It allways depends on the acting persons. Everybody has 24 hrs only AND possibilities for sharing content is Rising.

If you look to older #XING & #LinkedIn #groups you'll find more interaction than pointed out by you ;-)
Thanks +Michael Rajiv SHAH for jumping in here.
You are right of course, 24hrs is all we have and there is just not enough to do all the things we wish to do.
What I did is just a quick calculation ==>  Measuring # of comments ./. # of members in some groups

What I found is that many are five years old (pretty old in the social network context :-) ) and they have nearly without exception slowed down the last six months.

But I accept that my experience is just mine.  But have you examples where things have picked up - in older groups I mean.
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