Business page vs profile page.
Business Page or a personal profile?

Create a personal brand even though you're using a Page:

For instance many G+ users know it's me who is behind the +Google+ Helper  Page, actually one just has to check the "About" tab in the profile to find out. When I comment as  Google+ Helper  and the logo is visible, folks know that it's a question of G+ related advice or tips.

If you wish to get more engagement than a Page can offer, create a Community: Encourage your readers to share links, photos or posts about your topic.

If you create a community from your personal profile, there will be two posts above the community information or the About Section. If you create the community as a business Page, the About section will be always on top right.  You can change / share ownership of a community with several profiles or Pages: That way the community gets better visibility as it's also shown on the Page's profile.

Just remember:

When you set up a page, you are prompted to choose whether the page has an age restriction for the audience.  Pages with age restricted audiences are unable to create communities at the moment.

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Google+ profile or business page?
Google+ profile or business page?
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