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Peter Cresswell
Promoting Capitalist Acts For Consenting Adults
Promoting Capitalist Acts For Consenting Adults

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Q: Where is PC?
A point to anyone withe the correct answer ...

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Quote of the Day: On not molesting capital
~ David Ricardo  " “The quantity of employment in the country must depend, not only on the quantity of capital, but upon its advantageous distribution [among alternative productive uses], and above all, on the conviction of each capitalist that he will be a...

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The #ChristmasMyths. #2: The Star of Bethlehem
Part of a continuing series looking at the pagan origins of the Christmas Myths, one day at a time. (Introduction is  here .) Today, the story of three mendicants and a star. We Three Kings of Orient are One on a tractor, Two in a Car One on a scooter Tooti...

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Quote of the Day: On success
"People always ask me the secret of my success. It's not really a secret at all. It's simply this: start early and work hard. That's it."  ~ composer Philip Glass, paraphrased from the biographical film 'Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts'

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The Lady of Shalott (detail)
Details from masterworks can often be as engrossing as the main canvas. This nearly abstract section of John William Waterhouse's Lady of Shallot is given life by the beautifully drawn small bird.

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Quote of the Day: On kitchen design
"The science of marketing has taken over to a large extent when it comes to the design of our kitchens today." ~ Kitchen designer Johnny Grey, quoted in the post ' Sociable Kitchens '

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Quote of the Day: On grief, and joy
"In this culture we display a compulsive avoidance of difficult matters and an obsession with distraction. Because we cannot acknowledge our grief, we’re forced to stay on the surface of life. Poet Kahlil Gibran said, 'The deeper that sorrow carves into you...

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Quote of the Day: "...a flood of immigrants..."
"Since immigration seems to be incompatible with the welfare state, a flood of immigrants, be they political, economic, or stowaways, could be a blessing in disguise: it may have the effect of proving what we suspect: that the welfare state is unsustainable...

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Quote of the Day: How come business students have never heard of rational egoism?
"My introduction [to students] of rational egoism —the idea that one should pursue one’s own happiness and interests, with neither sacrificing oneself to others or others to oneself, came as a revelation to many, if not to most, students. It also resonated,...

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2015: The best-of here at NOT PC
    Just to remind you, readers, that your favourite blog started the
year looking like this: Quite a change! With the new blog look and feel came new blog readers – more than double
what the blog enjoyed before. (Thank you all for dropping in.) So as 201...
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