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rachel Williams
Painter and printmaker living and working in Umbria, Italy
Painter and printmaker living and working in Umbria, Italy

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make it if you can

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With a nod to Mr Albers - Grazie Sig. Albers
After seeing a few Josef Albers paintings in the MUDEC in Milan and then again another small work at Arte Fiera Bologna I was reminded today of a photo I saw a while ago, (which I now can't find) of his studio the wall of which was cover in colour swatches....

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it's been 5 months since my last confession
 Looking for something I know not what Cercando per qualcosa no so che cos'è Milano Milano Milano detail detail

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Fai da te
Mad dogs and Englishmen..... we have been building (with Ugo's unflagging help) an outside area where
I can work more readily on my sculptures. So no more excuses and no more ruined paintings I hope. Durante i giorni più caldi di quest' estate noi, come ca...

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la mente subconscia
So despite a peak  (so far) of 39 degrees internal temperature in the
studio work is continuing. The inability to think under such conditions 
is proving interesting, though frustrating and the work coming forward
is from somewhere in the unconscious All...

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che caldo
Well it's what we wanted, but che caldo in the studio. I've all sorts of plans but find that I am not yet finished with the crosses and the Xs or the dots for that matter. So for now I'll go with the flow and get them out of my system. Beh, è la cosa che vo...

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monotypes stages 4 and 5 - monotipi fase 4 e 5
A bit lost for word today. - not like me… just a plough on day. working across these monotypes - there are about 10 at last count - trying to keep them at roughly the same stage so they don't get away on me with a lovely dentist appointment at the end of it...

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caos reigns
Caos reigns as I'm trying get some projects that I've had in mind, half completed or in bits finished off. Amongst these are three heads I have been thinking about for months. 

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Today I profited from Adrian's misfortune. he has been lying down aching with a fluey nastiness so instead of pruning I have been in the studio all day. It felt like a sculpture day as the monotypes are still drying before their next stage.  The pictures be...

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Monotypes - stages 2 and 3
Starting to layer these up now. These lithographic inks are lovely - they can be so opaque at times but can also be made to be quite translucent. Been bright and blue here so maybe I am cracking the gloom using a brighter palette. Still a little haunted by ...
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