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Kirk Mantay
Ecologist, Writer, Outdoorsman.
Ecologist, Writer, Outdoorsman.

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After the Earth is Scorched - Election Edition!
I awoke this morning to soft rain outside. My thoughts turned to my son's rock climbing gear left out on his climbing wall in the yard.  I had planned to bow hunt this morning, but like many people, I stayed up far too late watching the final act of the kab...

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After All The Earth Is Scorched
I am 42 years old.  My marriage has survived 16 years so far, we have a son who seems to do well at school and sports, and both my career and my wife's career are going great.   We get to travel some, though not as much as we'd like, or as far as we'd like....

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A Good Morning Largemouth
As I've griped about here for 8? 9? years, I don't get to fish enough.  Although it's true enough that like a living parable, everyone I know who can "fish enough" is not satisfied either.    I had a tour with elected officials canceled one morning and so I...

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Richmond's Reedy Creek Restoration Project - Mistakes Were Made
I love Richmond, Virginia.  It's less than two hours from my hometown and though I've never lived there (not for lack of effort - the job market isn't so hot, and never has been), I love the city.  I love its historic past, both beautiful and ugly, its extr...

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The Perils of a "Fish Every Day" Contest
A high-end outdoor outfitter recently had a widely publicized contest: "Fly Fish 20 Days in September."  Unless you were on a fishing trip for at least 22 days, that's a challenge.   My immediate thought when I read the exciting write-ups for this contest w...

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Moments in Outdoor Parenthood: Photos of Parents
My standard outdoors view these days - the soles of my kid's feet.  A lot of us know a lot of good parents.  Folks who show their kids the world, whether that is Central Park or Grand Canyon National Park.   You'll see pictures of kids fishing, climbing, sh...

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Captiva Surf Fishing Contest: Me Vs. My Six Year Old
I may not be great at catching big fish, or certainly trophy fish.  Heck, at age 42 I have only three citation fish to my name (chain pickerel, black crappie, and spotted bass).   But give me some basic tackle and a tiny bit of local knowledge (seasonal mov...

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I Done Gone and Built a Tree House
Living in the I-95 corridor is something special sometimes when it comes to property management.   If you need to replace a toilet and you are on public sewer, that'll be a $400 permit (or a $2000 fine) (90 days to review permit).  Want to build a fence?  $...

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63 Hour Offshore Trip with Hubbards Marine - An Odd Trip I Can't Stop Thinking About
Earlier this year I was able to cash in on a personal favor and was able to join some friends for a 4 (ish) day offshore trip out of the Tampa area.    Those who know me and this blog know that while I fish a lot,  the average amount of time I spend fishing...

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6 Steps to Prep for My 15th Year of Bowhunting
Well, it's almost here.  I mean, that's almost my sentiment at this point.   It's not disillusionment with bow hunting, or the outdoors.  Certainly not the latter.   But at age 42, and 15 years after I first took a bow into the woods (what a clown I was!), ...
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