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Sociopathic Sound Records
100% D.I.Y. Extreme Metal Based Project / Record Label / Band Management Business
100% D.I.Y. Extreme Metal Based Project / Record Label / Band Management Business

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Make sure to check out our bandcamp

We strongly suggest fans of Sociopathic Sound Records, those who believe in our causes, appreciate our efforts, and understand how dedicated we all are to check out our mini-label sampler.   Mind you, it's only 7 tracks long and it's not available for purchase, download, or even full streaming.  

What we do offer are 30-second clips of each song/band; take note the bands who appear on it are not guaranteed to become formally signed to our label since several of them already call other indie labels "home".  But, in those cases, the bands/songs appear on our mini-sampler because there's a good chance we'll be re-releasing previously debuted material by them along with their original label (our specialty when it comes to physical formats is strictly vinyl; sorry to those who still stick by CDs as a "hard" format, we simply feel they're actually a DEAD format ----- on a similar note, vinyl offers a great deal more variety, options, and a bigger canvas for artwork and packaging options).

Let us know what you think!  On Sunday evening into Monday night, we'll be updating all of the social media sites so as for each to reflect the most accurate, up-to-the-date information & more!   For now, check out one of our other official label sites here:


Sociopathic Sound Records presents the fourth installment of our infamous mixtape series!  Always remaining completely free of charge & meant strictly for promotional purposes (in order to help bands gain new fans & a wider audience; and of course to spread the SOCIOPATHIC SOUND RECORDS name to more people as well), we are all extremely proud of how Volumes 1, 2, 3 and now 4 have turned out.

Please, download all of them if you haven't already done so!  We encourage you to share them on torrent sites, blogs, Facebook timelines/posts, Twitter feeds, emailing links to friends, FTP transfers, internet metal forums, and wherever/however/to whomever you wish.

VOLUME 1 (50 Track):

VOLUME 2 (31 Tracks):

VOLUME 3 (90 Tracks when you count the "hidden" ones at the end):

VOLUME 4 (100 Tracks!!):

VOLUME 5 (100 Tracks!!):  COMING BEFORE OR ON MAY 22, 2013!!!

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Hello, metal friends!  As the transition from web project to Record Label & Band Management Company continues step-by-step, we kindly ask you to join us - or, to phrase it more accurately - we'd greatly appreciate your aid in helping to spread the word about new developments. 

If you're an individual who has ties to the industry, whether through bands, indie label reps/employees, PR companies, metal blogs/news sites, booking & promotional agencies, distributors, or anyone else relevant / who may have the means and willingness to collaborate with us (or for that matter, if you're simply a dedicated fan of heavy music).

For the time being, all we ask is for those reading this to follow the links below; becoming "Fans" or "Liking" us on Faceook/Reverb Nation/, and other social media sites. Since they're all under construction at the moment, we are wholly open to suggestions from anyone and everyone who comes up with ideas on how to improve our presence & sites.  THANKS!!!

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For those who haven't yet been made aware, the fourth installment of our infamous MIXTAPE SERIES is now available through Bandcamp; as always, the compilation is 100% free of charge and meant to help both bands and fans as well as the metal community as a whole.

Vol. 4 features 100 tracks by as many artists!! Digest it now because within the next 7-10 days we'll be releasing Sociopathic Mixtape, Vol. 5, bringing you ANOTHER hundred tracks and no repeats when it comes to the bands who appear!

Download here now:

-The Sociopathic Team

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