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Kevin Linder

Beer pong. Lost. So drunk. Needed a partner that would drink instead of doing all the drinking myself.

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Hanging at lucky strike with friends and can't help but feel awesome that I have the biggest shoe size! What does that mean? ;)

Amused watching two lawyers fight about if the brief should contain section 13 or not. Why? Cause it's bad luck, duh! #WhiteManProblems

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Starting the holiday weekend right with drinks and dinner with friends.

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Less than one week before training starts up again for my 2nd marathon. So decided to run 8 miles and burn over 1,000 calories at the beach. Now sitting on the beach enjoying the view while having a fish sandwich. Life is better now.

Testing the ability to add my location from my computer at work using Google+. What location does it use? The police station. Guess I should keep in mind when I see quite a few of my friend "checking in" from the police station!

Interesting that as I look at all the updates on G+ most are about where and what people are eating. No wonder we are all so damn fat!

Do any other countries have this worship behavior with food that we do?

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You are what you eat...ants show us how true it is and look like tiny skittles with legs at the same time

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