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Blonde, busy, adventurous and creative!
Blonde, busy, adventurous and creative!


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Really?  Considering that the VA handles hundreds of cases of hernias for lesser financially benefited vets, including my own husband who also had a six month wait on his hernia surgery that was also considered non-threatening, what makes you think you're more entitled to going right to the top?  Because you're a 'celebrity'?  Shame on you for feeling you deserve more than the rest due to your impatience to wait like all the other vets. It's folks like you that make the rest of the vets look bad.  Who cares that you were a "...Navy Seal"?  So what?  Does that put you above all of the other vets that lost legs and limbs in WWII and Vietnam?  I don't think so.  So stop feeling entitled to being priority over your fellow vets who could have been responsible for saving your life at one time or another. You're behaving like a little kid who can't have his candy NOW.  Ugh!!!  And don't blame the VA for a shortage on doctors.  Blame your cost-cutting government.
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