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Kyle Mohammed
Bibble, fo'shizzle, and all by Bibble, cause only Bibble can keep it so real
Bibble, fo'shizzle, and all by Bibble, cause only Bibble can keep it so real

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"Frankly, I’m stunned that Belichick ever allows his photo to be taken, or his name to be publicly released. Bill Belichick is probably a fake name, now that I think about it. His birth name is probably Dave Hitler. He is a faceless monster from the Upside Down."

"This defense ranked 31st in the league for two years running. And yet… you’re gonna miss the Wolfman, New Orleans. At least with Rob Ryan, you have fun while everything sucks. It’s like someone took a jazz funeral and made a defense out of it. By contrast, Dennis Allen is a dry handjob of a coach."

--On the New Orleans Saints.

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For instance, striking the Gluteal Fold can cause “a loss of consciousness” due to “trauma to the sciatic nerve”. I've not punched a whole heap of people in the ass, but that would have to be the absolute best-case scenario. I wouldn't want to rely on it.

“We don’t want your opinions, but here’s mine.” - Some Entitled Internet Fuck

Apparently, Palmer notes, there is even a theory among some scholars that Jesus’ body was eaten by dogs and that “his acolytes fabricated the story of a reverential entombment as a sort of coping mechanism.”

Bwahaha, now THAT I can believe.

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Some of these are very funny.

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Mariachi Entertainment System us basically my favourite thing right now. Love these folks.

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Can't stop generating comics. I forgot about this generator for a while, now I am lost to it once again.
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