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Hi all!

Have you ever hidden the drop down ability on a filter? I want a dashboard filter to default to "ALL," but allow a department manager to be the only user who can choose selections with in the filter.

For example, I'd like to show reported incidents and filter it by employee for the department's management. However, the dashboard is publicly viewable and I don't want anyone but management to be able to filter by employee's incidents.

However, I do want all Tableau users to see the collective "ALL" data so that they can view how the department is performing collectively.

My first thought was to duplicate the existing dashboard's and remove the filter, but wanted to see if there was a way to avoid creating duplicates. I have already explored using USER FILTERS but those don't seem to default showing all and hiding the drop down of selecting employees.


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Have you been wanting to buy the Kreg Jig? Choosing to invest in tools is a risk. Before you buy, look at the 13 things you need to know before buying!

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Easy & Festive Easter Cookie Recipe (It Only Needs 3 Ingredients!) #cookie #easter

It’s no secret that baking is a form of stress relief for me. These little cookies are perfect for quickly relieving stress (there is a mallet involved) and actually getting the rest of your to-do  list done for the afternoon. Spoiler– they are super…

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Why I Don't Allow My Husband to Babysit Our Kids ( & How My Life is Easier for It) #parenting

Recently I was on Facebook and noticed a comment about a husband babysitting while mom was out running an errand. The “husband is a babysitter” comment was so casual, but gosh, it really bothered me. I am always looking for easier ways to run our home.…

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Easy How To DIY Your Own Perfect Two Tone Furniture #diy #furniture

Have you seen the two tone furniture craze taking over HGTV shows and your Pinterest feed? Have you ever wondered how a busy mama can make their own? It’s actually pretty easy. I cannot wait to show you the few steps it takes to making your own two-tone…

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How to Remove Paint & Varnish from Furniture! [The Easy Way!] #home #diy

Are you falling in love with the furniture makeovers on Pinterest? But not sure where to start with your current furniture or a piece you picked up impulsively? If you are ready to tackle a new furniture project, this post is for you. With a bit of sweat…

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The #1 thing all new bloggers need! #blog #newbie

Did you know a majority of blogs fail within the first year? And never make any money? How are you going to create your own blogging success story? Or maybe you think you never will. What if I could tell you that one little thing could change the path of…

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Easy 20 Minute Salty and Sweet Leprechaun Bark! #stpatricksday #treat

Are you looking for a simple Pinterest worthy treat but without the actual effort of a Pinterest treat? You know what I’m talking about– those yummy looking desserts, but they actually take all afternoon to create? Yes! Here is a super easy dessert that…

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13 Reasons Why You Need to Start Meal Planning #meals #plan

Do you find yourself always meaning to plan dinner …. and then you arrive home, it after 5pm and you’re thinking “What should we have?!” or even “Oh, I wish I would’ve remembered [blank ingredient] to make [blank dinner]?”  You’re the majority and totally…

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How to stencil with paint perfectly. Nothing fancy or pricey here! #budget #DIYproject

Can you believe it’s been a week since Your Life Made Easy launched? I’m over here feeling absolutely blessed with you, dear readers, and your positive feedback. It’s been so-gosh-darn amazing. While it will be awhile before I write another book, it’s…
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