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briquetting machine manufacturer from China

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Briquetting with binders
Many binders have been proposed and used to
produce hard coal briquettes. A review of binders published in 1969 by Waters3
is shown in Appendix 1. The properties required of a binder are: (a) Produces a strong briquette. (b) Produces a waterproof briquette....

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History of roller press
first successful roller press was designed in Belgium by Louiseau in response
for the need for a small briquette that could be transported over long distances.
Roller presses are machines that achieve compaction of particulate matter by
squeezing the ma...

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Why do you need briquetting machine?
the application of briquetting machine in industry? 1.   Control dust pollution 2.   Reduce volume for less storage space 3.   Add density for materials that go back to
the metallurgy furnace secondly. 4.   Recovery the materials that are seen as

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Wearing parts of briquetting machine - the roller
under high pressure, abrasive environment, the roller of briquetting machine is
the most wearing part. The service life is of great importance to the economic
profit. The
material of roller is an important factor. What we use is two kinds of alloy

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How to choose suitable binder?
How to choose suitable binder? Briquetting
machine is applicable for various powders in waste & by-product, mineral
& ore, chemical industry, such as mill scale, steelwork sludge, iron
concentrate, sponge iron, magnetite, chrome ore fines, ferrosilicon powd...

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Binder or not?
Binder works as additives to hold the
particles together during briquetting process. With binder coated evenly on the
surface, powder could adhere to each other. Many different units come as one
strong briquette. So, binder helps a lot for the briquetting m...

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Screw feeder of briquetting machine helps a lot for some materials that need high pressure
feeder equipped on the briquette machine is not necessary for every material. For
some bulk materials such as quick lime, no additive is allowed. It is difficult
to make quick lime into briquettes. So, additional pressure is required. This
is where sc...

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The application of FGD gypsum briquettes
The application of FGD gypsum briquettes In
coal-fired power plant, flue gas which contains sulfur oxides is air pollutant
resulting in acid rain. People handle this problem by burnt lime powder. Thus,
FGD gypsum is formed which could be used as retarder in...
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