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B_NERD !!!
B_NERD !!!

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My new Google+ account ---> .... feel free to remove this current one from your Circle :-)

Ok guys/gals .... I'm switching Google accounts. I'm closing this one. I'm going to be adding you all to my new account (mellomike3000 @ gmail)... Add me back :-)

Let me say... I LOVE Google Docs!

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Just finished my interview at .... It was the hardest interview of my life.. but I think I did well and will get an offer. So now I have 2 great companies to choose from.

I got the WebMD position!!!! OMG! .... the interview was 4 hours long... countless tests. But I did it!! I got the job I really wanted. The plus side is that they have positions in NYC too :-D

I'll be doing a mix of Flex & HTML development. So this is perfect for me.

Ok... so first day on my new job.. I swear no one here is over the age 35. Everyone looks like a model and they're all taller than me. Feels less like an advertising agency and more like a modeling agency. Meh.. could be worse.

Anyone in my circles watch Bleach!? ... I'm on episode 46 (yes I'm late) ... and I'm LOVING IT! I'm such a fan now! I need to make an Anime/Gamers Circle so I can spaz out to y'all lol.

So I decided to be a little more creative with the profile images at the top of the page... since I never had the chance to do it on FB.

So I'm finally doing it.... Yes... I'm watching Harry Potter 1 ... tonight. Hopefully I can squeeze 2 in there also.

Apple just released the first Over The Air update for iOS Beta 5 .... take a wild guess at how its going ... while you do that I'll be in the bathroom hanging myself.
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