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Producers of IDM / Downtempo / Ambient
Producers of IDM / Downtempo / Ambient

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Check out our new design!

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Our track After Us has found its place among the gas giants where it belongs - In an I-Novae planetary engine demo that will change the world! This honorable inclusion has some history behind it - whole six years of enthusiastic collaboration on non-musical projects with the I-Novae team. We hope that in the future there may be more musical collaborations between us.

Rocky Earth Like Planet

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Our tracks Destiny and Ascend are also available on Youtube, in HD:

Longterm - Destiny

Longterm - Ascend

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RELEASE: our new album "After Us" is now released!

You can play it online or buy/download on these places:


The original tracks included are:

01 - Longterm - Ascend
02 - Longterm - Skyhigh
03 - Longterm - Understanding
04 - Longterm - Stories
05 - Longterm - Ancienauts
06 - Longterm - Destiny
07 - Longterm - After Us
08 - Longterm - Sincerity
09 - Longterm - New Life
10 - Longterm - A Dream Come True

Having spent more than a year on this project, we'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting us so far, we would never have made it this far without you! And also thank you to Christopher Leary for his mastering ingenuity involved in this album!

Have a good day everyone!

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Pre-release track of our upcoming album is now live!

This is the first time in more than 14 months ever since this album went into production, that any of it sees the light of the day.

We hope you'll enjoy this preview - and if you do, please don't hesitate to share it with your friends and let us know how it made you feel!

The full 10-track album will be released already this Friday!

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We are very excited to announce that the release of our new 10-track album -- After Us -- is scheduled for the 1st November 2013!!

Its music style falls under IDM / Downtempo / Ambient categories.

Stay tuned for more information coming in the following days.
Slobodan Stevic and Michal Stefan

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Our electronic friends:
Longterm Studio
10 Photos - View album

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Hi! We've updated our art, got a new video! Why not have a look?

Few days ago, we tried one new experiment for our new WIP album and, it looks very very promising. We wont let the cat out of the bag now, because this is gonna be surprise, but hopefully, there will be some goosebumps during listen:-)

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Hey, just a small gift from us. Free to download.
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