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Last night Nashville Mobile Developers partnered with several local women's groups to host a HUGE event.

With sponsorship from Google, Google Fiber Nashville, the Iron Yard, and Arcivr, we were able to get a great space at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. We had three great talks from local Women Techmakers:
Tomiko Peirano - My Contribution to my Tech Community and Beyond
Thuy Rocco - Power of Teamwork through Diversity and Inclusion
Lana Israel, Founder/ CEO of Muzology

150 techies (mostly ladies) were in attendance. In addition to the nice presentations, this was also a prime networking event.

Thanks Google, the Iron Yard, and Arcivr!
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Today Nashville Google Developers presented an Hour of Code at a Nashville private school. Several groups of students were introduced to the prospect of a career in programming with a couple of Google hardware prototypes, and the help of the many games and tutorials on

At the beginning of each presentation was show-and-tell: students were given the opportunity to get hands-on experience with Google Glass, Project Tango, Android TV, and Cardboard. The following discussions included speculation on what each technology was trying to accomplish, whether it had achieved its goal, and what might come next.

After the commotion of novelty settled down, students were introduced to the studio at, and the many themed games and tutorials available there. We played around with coding characters from Flappy Bird to Star Wars to Baymax, and I have no doubt that at least a few will be bringing up on their browser when they get home.

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In this meetup Joseph Banta will demonstrate how to get started on a Flappy Bird clone.

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Here's the video recording of Sarah Klinefelter's presentation on the DRY principle last night (Tuesday, July 26, 2016) at Metova in Franklin.

Thanks to Metova for providing the venue and food, thanks to Sarah for the great best-practices presentation, and thanks to Sean Beach for getting everything recorded for posterity!

The meetup event page:

#gdg   #DRY  

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On Wednesday afternoon, two Nashville groups teamed up with Google to present Progressive Web Apps to the developer community.

Before anyone arrived, we began streaming the videos from the Progressive Web App Dev Summit to all screens in the venue. As attendees arrived, they were greeted with one of four talks delivered at the Summit, and were free to network and socialize before the official presentations began.

The first official presentation was the video of Alex Russell's Keynote from the Dev Summit. Here our audience was introduced to the concepts of the Progressive Web App, and the supporting technologies in browsers including the Service Worker.

Following the Keynote Video, Joseph Banta took the floor to give a basic in-person breakdown of what Progressive Web Apps are and how they work (our favorite slide: After re-introducing the technology, Joseph walked through the fundamental code lab "Your first Progressive Web App". An impromptu poll of the audience revealed that only a couple in attendance had experience with the Service Worker, so the introductory code lab was a good choice.

After the introductory code lab, the bulk of the audience adjourned to digest all this new bleeding-edge information. A hard-core few, about 10, reconvened at a nearby coffee shop where Joseph Banta presented another code lab, more of a real-world example: "Build a Progressive Web App with Firebase, Polymerfire and Polymer Components". This second example provides a real model for an installable full-screen experience that persists user data in a dedicated server environment, with a modern, simple polish.

This collaboration of two developer communities will hopefully continue, and perhaps expand for potential upcoming DevFest events. We hope that this event furthers the mission of developer meetups -- of providing the developer community with useful, meaningful content while enabling networking and collaboration.

We would like to thank the event sponsors: First, the venue -- the Bistro at emma -- is really ideal for video streaming, with a large screen at the front and smaller screens facing all directions throughout, and a sound system fit for a concert. Of course Google provided the outstanding content, including the videos from the summit, the code labs, and sponsorship for swag, pizza, and event incidentals.

The Bistro at emma:
The Progressive Web App Dev Summit:
Google's Code Lab Site:
The Nashville Mobile Developers User Group:
Joseph Banta:

#pwadevsummit #gdg #nashville

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Nashville's Google I/O Extended 2016 event was a spectacular success.

First off, the venue: email marketing firm 'emma' granted our group ownership of their Bistro space for the day. It's an awesome meeting space with plenty of seating, well-placed monitors in every field of view, and great sound throughout, making it optimal for video streaming.

We started the day with a presentation from John Peek of Google Fiber Nashville, outlining the current status of their rollout. After the presentation, time was made for Q&A, and everyone got a chance to see what inside information we could get.

We used the monetary assistance of various sponsors to accumulate a nice cache of raffle prizes. We actually didn't order ANY swag this year, with the rationale that attendees would rather have a chance at some great prizes than everyone take home a lanyard that would probably get thrown away. Aside from the primary gadget prizes (a Nexus 6P, a Samsung Wear smart watch, and an Asus Chromebook Flip), we raided Amazon and ThinkGeek for a bunch of smaller fun prizes like a Flux Capacitor USB car charger, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and (my favorite, look it up!) Captain Jules' Useless Box.

We incentivized our attendees to register with the lure of these prizes, and with so MANY prizes to give away we wanted to get fun and creative with the winner selections. Of course we used +Martin Omander's wheel of names to select a few names, but I also wrote a couple of apps (a Google Glass app using face recognition, and a Project Tango app using motion tracking) to show off some Google tech while still somewhat randomly selecting winners. My favorite part of the day was "Geek Trivia" -- we randomly picked some attendees from the audience then challenged them with questions only a true geek would be able to answer (e.g., "What is the conversion of the base-2 number, 00010111, into base-10?", and "In the context of the Game of Thrones, what does R + L equal?").

We used Google Spaces to crowd-source photos of the event. In this way, the organizers didn't have to go around taking pictures all day, and the attendees got exposed to yet another Google technology.

After the live stream, we continued the event with presentations from some prominent local developers. The final presentation of the day was from the organizers of the collegiate VandyHacks hackathon. What better way to leverage the opportunity of having all those developers in one place, than to show them a way that they can pay it forward by volunteering as a mentor for up-and-coming developers?

This was a great event for our group.

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If you're in Nashville on May 18, you'll want to check out the Nashville Google I/O Extended event happening at emma's bistro, all day from 10 AM - 5 PM.

We'll start the day off with a presentation from Google Fiber, who just opened their Fiber Space downtown. They've just turned on their gigibit-speed internet service downtown, and will be activating other neighborhoods in stages. Wanna know more? Come see what they've got to say.

At noon we'll live-stream the keynote speech and announcements from Google I/O, the annual conference that Google is hosting at their HQ in Mountain View, CA. Our high-placed confidential source has hinted at some major announcements coming out that day for Android. Also, Google is into everything tech now, so we'll hear about their innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Android Wear & Auto, self-driving cars, Project Fi, and how to make money from all of that.

Throughout the day we'll raffle off some sweet prizes -- more on that later. And fear not, code warriors: we'll keep you fed and hydrated in true geek fashion.

Following the I/O announcements, we'll hear presentations from local developers, and announcements on upcoming Nashville tech. If you hadn't noticed, Nashville is kind of the place to be right now.

Come for the day, or just pop in and out, all are welcome. Oh, and come hungry!


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The fiber is ON!

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Last night the Nashville GDG hosted a Swift Code Lab, based upon a tutorial on

I KNOW, I KNOW what you're thinking -- "That's not Googly!" You know what's Googly? We got 40 developers in a room and on a Hangout to talk about code and expand their skillsets.

One of our inspirations was that there's a vicious rumor that Google is considering making Swift a first-class language for Android. That may just be noise, but we had a great event.
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