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Excited by the progress the Loon team has made in just one year.  Amazing what you can do when you start from first principles and real world physics. In their most recent test flight, the team helped connect a school in rural Brazil for the very first time. I hope that we can help make internet access available in an affordable way to everyone on the planet. I'm also inspired to wear some fuzzy socks based on the article :)
Earlier this month, Mike Cassidy, a project director at Google’s high-risk research division X, woke before dawn in the Northwest Brazilian state of Piauí. It was already warm and humid. He drove for an hour to a clearing in a rural area and helped his team launch several high-altitude balloons with a payload of Internet…
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Tor recommends users stop using Windows or (at least) disable Javascript after a vulnerability in Firefox 17 ESR was found.
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The true purpose of the Ubuntu Edge campaign:
The novacut guys get it.

It's not about the cash. It's the signal.

$32MM of hard money pledged is slightly more convincing than a SurveyMonkey posted to OMG. (no disrespect to either site! ;-)
Canonical's Ubuntu Edge campaign on Indiegogo is breaking records left and right, and if it reaches its goal by August 21st, will break the all-time crowdfunding record by a huge margin. In just 12 hours, the campaign raised more than any other on Indiegogo and enough to place within the top 10 ...
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The Solar Impulse plane lands at JFK and finishes its transcontinental flight.  #solarimpulse  
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Saikrishna Arcot

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Looks like someone published a book about editing in Map Maker.
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This looks like stuff found in the Help Center articles. Is it displayed in a more easy way for people to understand? 
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Saikrishna Arcot

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Speaking English and other similar languages may cause you to be poorer in retirement.
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Well, guess that explains my retirement income
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Saikrishna Arcot

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A girl who doesn't feel pain is helping scientists identify the gene responsible four this.
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Saikrishna Arcot

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Smartphones could soon have a much higher storage capacity (1 TB or more) thanks to RRAM.

I hope this extends to USB sticks as well.
Emerging from stealth mode, Crossbar serves up a new memory tech which it says can outperform NAND Flash by orders of magnitude on "an IC smaller than a postage stamp."
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My goodness! I also understand smartphones use more energy per phone than a energy star fridge per annum.
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The Scottish island of Jura has (almost) disappeared from Google Maps

For those wanting to take a look at it in Google Maps:,-5.795288&spn=0.895814,2.526855&t=m&z=9
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Saikrishna Arcot

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I created Issue 3867 to address the problem of having the name of shopping centers in stores and having a bot merge the two.
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I've found a business that seems to have three "separate" sections of their business (at least three websites) and two addresses. They all have the same phone number.

Currently, there are two features for this in Map Maker: (Phillips Painting) (Phillips Painting, Roofing, and Gutters)

Should there be three separate features for the business, or just one feature?
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+Andrew Sawyer Are you referring to the fact that you can now give a name to a building and throw the separate POIs under it?
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