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New Site!
We've moved! Come see me at my new site:

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Zuzu Luxe by Gabriel Cosmetics
                                               Zuzu Luxe Makeup Review Are you looking for a safe, natural line of makeup products?  Well, look no further.  Gabriel Cosmetics line of Zuzu Luxe is perfect for any lady! "Inspired by the European spa tradition...

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The ultimate raw bar.          EAT YOUR HEART OUT.                                                           Sweet, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and deliciously raw.             "What are Rawxies!?  The number one question we get. Rawxies
are a hybrid of...

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Baby stuff is so cute...and expensive!
Hey everyone, It is baby time!  I just love babies...I feel blessed to have been given a heart for babies and I just love interacting with them.  This post maybe a bit different, but we'll just see how it turns out. My wishlist for when/if I have kids : 1) ...

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My Favorite On-The-Go Bar...
            May I introduce to you: Epic's BISON Bar  I promise you...I am telling the truth.  This bar is made from real bison!     " The Bison
Bacon bar delivers a substantial serving of our two most favorite meats;
100% grass fed and organic buffalo br...

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Review of JK Gourmet's Grain Free Tart and Pie Crust
I had the great privilege to test out another product from JK Gourmet: Pie and Tart Crust Mix .   I just softened some butter, poured in the mix, blended it together till it formed a ball and then pressed it into a pie pan. For the filling we (My mom and I)...
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