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Steve Boland
Living at the intersection of community, policy and technology.
Living at the intersection of community, policy and technology.

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I play, and love, the game +Ingress. It's a lot of fun, played by many cool people. You should try it sometime.We have so many good people in the Saint Paul Enlightened, I hope you join us for some fun.

Unfortunately, like most of the rest of life, Ingress has its people who choose the Dark Side. I believe people should have open, honest conversations with people who engage in harmful bullying, because I believe people can change if given the chance and if they want to change. I, personally, have been through a lot of change with hard work, and I certainly wouldn't want to be judged forever based on who I was in the past.

People don't always want to change, however. One of my Ingress teammates, whom I have gotten much help from in the game, insisted on bullying and harmful taunting in the game in the past. I told him directly that this behavior hurt me as a member of his team, and I urged him to refrain from it. He told me very directly that he would consider it, and but that he would make no promises. An open dialogue. So far, so good.

So, some of the players on the other side in this game continued to provoke and taunt him at every turn, and for a while there he kept his taunts to game-related actions and not personal slurs or attacks. I would like to believe that if the Dark Side of the Resistance had not gone to such extreme lengths to provoke him, my teammate may have kept improving.

This changed again yesterday. My teammate made derogatory comments in the game about one of the opposition, specifically calling him autistic and that this is a bad thing. (Full disclosure here: My fantastic son is autistic, and I happen to know a thing or two about how such people are bullied). I had told my teammate this type of behavior is hurtful to me, and he chose to do it again anyway.

So, now, I had a difficult choice. There are bad actors on the opposite side who tried to provoke this action in the hopes of getting my teammate in trouble. I don't want to reward that awfulness. But I also cannot ignore that despite the provocation and bad behavior of others, my teammate had a choice. He could have done things differently, he could have chosen not to try and bully based on perceived differences and try and demean millions of people in the process.

So, now, I have a choice. I don't like any of them, but for me, I have to disavow my teammate. I won't engage with him in the game anymore, and won't support his game play. It makes me sad when people chose the Dark Side, but I am not responsible for their choices. I am only responsible for my own.

It pains me that the Resistance Dark Side win in this case. It is the choice I nevertheless make. I am proud there are so many of the Light Side on my team, and honestly, most of the opposing team as well. There are bad apples, and we have to make bad choices about them. Today, I made mine.

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Added photos to #IngressFS Twin Cities - August 2016.

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I'm hoping this is Hank Johnson and other Enlightened seeking to unite our faction in the ideals of creation, not destruction. As Hank pointed out, history "flows one way" and understanding AI as a concept, and ADA in particular, is more the Enlightened path than trying to destroy it.

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Total blast! Join us!
Join us for the Twin Cities August 2016 Ingress First Saturday event on August 6th in Minnehaha Falls Regional Park, Minneapolis.
Part social, part competitive, all fun! Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organized meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month. We will be gathering for #ingressFS: Twin Cities this time in Minnehaha Falls Regional Park in Minneapolis. 
There will likely be a lot of Pokémon Go! players at the park. Let's try to recruit them to play Ingress!
Ingress: First Saturday August 2016 Schedule:
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Cross-Faction Social: Join and invite new and seasoned Enlightened and Resistance Agents in this purely social Cross-Faction meetup. All Levels are encouraged to join. Meet local Agents face-to-face, learn how to play Ingress, teach a new Agent the ins and outs of Ingress and share Ingress stories. We will be meeting in Minnehaha Falls  Park near Sea Salt.
Start Location: Minnehaha Park,-93.209016&z=17&pll=44.916144,-93.211332
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Check-in: Register your level, AP and km at your faction's check-in station.
2:30 PM Game Start!: Higher level Agents are encouraged to pair with newer Agents working to level up. Go out and explore, capture, battle and field! 
4:30 PM Check-out: Scanners down! Agents will check-out at their faction stations to record their final AP, Levels and km.
5:00 PM Award Ceremony: Scoring will be announced, and trophies and prizes will be awarded to the agents from each faction with the highest AP and highest Level gain during the event. There will also be a special community created trophy awarded to the faction with the highest gain in Levels and AP.
5:30 PM - After Party: Hang out at the park, get some food at Sea Salt or bring something to eat. We have no official after party planned at this time, but if something changes announcements will be made.
A special #Ingress First Saturday August 2015 mission will be available to complete only at this event. Earn this exclusive Mission by attending. It will be deleted forever after the event!
Parking/Transportation: Minnehaha Falls Regional Park is not far from the Blue Line LRT. The exit station is 50th Street Minnehaha Park, The park is across the street from the station.
If driving, look for parking once you arrive at the roundabout in the park. Minnehaha Falls is located just south--and within easy walking distance--of the Sea Salt Eatery. Minnehaha Regional Park is a fee parking area using parking meters, passes, or fee stations.
More announcements will be made as the event draws nearer so check back regularly for updates and invite other agents to attend.
It's time to move Twin Cities!

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Virtual reality is fine as far as it goes, but let's look at Augmented Reality! Ingress is a super fun game, and we need all Enlightened Agents to register at

If you wanna learn more, contact me about how to play. 

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MAJOR event for the game Ingress coming to Saint Paul the last weekend in May. It's a super fun game, but a great way to meet people, and explore hidden landmarks. If you're already playing Ingress, then register at If you're not playing yet, contact me for an invite and let's get started!

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For those wondering about the first Minneapolis anomaly - here's a pic from Minotaur! August, 2013

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Hey! I'm co-presenting at GlitchCon on April 29 about Ingress! Come register for GlitchCon, and then come learn about the game. We're taking new agents out after then tutorial to get some real play in with experienced agents, so it'll be a good time for all!
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