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Big congrats to Oshiomole and all those who worked tirelessly behind the scene to make it happen. This victory is for the people of not only Edo State but Nigerians in general. It’s a yellow card for PDP. Things have changed in Nigeria. PDP has 3 more years at the centre to change things for the better otherwise, the people will vote the party out at the 2015 elections. The era of ballot stuffing and other electoral malfeasance is gone forever. The only determinant factor now is performance. PDP needs to show to the whole world that corruption is not second nature to it. Currently, that is the perception. PDP and Goodluck Jonathan should forget about producing the next president if the electricity crisis is not quickly and firmly resolved. Whether GEJ like it or not, Nigerians will judge him by the way he handles the Boko Haram situation and it will affect his party’s chances at the polls. Nigerians do not want a weakling as leader. Consistently under the PDP government, the cost of doing business in Nigeria has remained one of the worst in the world. PDP has shown that it lacks the will power to turn around the situation for good. Up till now and in spite of playing to the gallery, corruption is still super endemic at the nation’s seaports. Even when you have paid all formal charges, Customs officials will insist that you settle them, otherwise your goods will continue to incur demurrage. Unfortunately, harmless Nigerian businessmen have nobody to fight for them. As respected as Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is, she seemed to have been humbled by the share monstrous stature of corrupted customs officials at the ports. The Oshodi-Apapa expressway is one of the most significant economic roads in Nigeria. Since 1999, the PDP government has not been able to fix it, including the link to the international airport. The government promised to revamp the textile industry, yet many of such factories that used to employ millions of Nigerians are still comatose. I addition to empowering textile companies to access cheap funds, can the government go a step further like it has done, commendably, on the issue of local patronage of food in Aso Rock, by declaring a day during the week for Nigerians to wear made-in-Nigeria attire from head to toe. This will surely boost the GDP and our sense of pride. At the beginning, government can even partner with some smart Nigerians in the private sector and incentivise Nigerians to adopt that policy. This election has clearly shown that Naija Go Better. The future belongs only to performing leaders. We will soon take back our country from all the thieving infidels now in the corridors of power.
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