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Scott McReynolds
Not a boring Accountant! But I am a CPA. Golf, Food and Wine is what I enjoy..
Not a boring Accountant! But I am a CPA. Golf, Food and Wine is what I enjoy..

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What you need to know about SaaS metrics.

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More about Rep. Honda's exaggerations on his record from the San Jose Mercury News: "Honda claims he 'secured $8.6 billion this year for early childhood education programs across the country.'" That's the entire annual budget for Head Start -- a program created 20 years before he was elected. The funding passed the House on a 376-5 vote. Honda wasn’t even a cosponsor #CA17.

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I enjoyed debating Congressman Honda on Monday, and I hope it gave you the opportunity to get to know me better and learn about my platform. #CA17 deserves a representative with the same energy, work ethic, and passion as its constituents. If you missed the debate, watch it here:

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Tonight’s the night! Get all the details to watch my debate with Congressman Mike Honda live at 6:30pm, or later on a recast, and RSVP for a watch party: #CA17Debate #CA17

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Lili is a great resource for Startup Finance.  A great primer for those in the idea stage to get an idea what they need to do to track their business activity and eventually get funded.

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His Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence books are great. This one is much more practical but all 3 are fantastic.

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~Avocado – The World’s Healthiest Food~

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-Scientists claim avocado, or alligator pear, is a fruit with highest nutritive value. After reading this, you’ll never look at a avocado in the same way again !

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