Exclusive Features on Google Plus
These features are seen Only on Google+

■ Drag-n-Drop images, videos & links to the Share Box.
■ Google Brand Pages (SEO integrated)
■ Google Chrome Extensions : +1 button, Notifications wherever I go with my Browser.
■ Google Hangout - Group Video Calling (max.10 including yourself)
■ Google Hangout - Share your screen, Google Docs, 3rd Party Apps (eg: Slideshare)
■ Google Hangout - with Extras: Screen Sharing, Document sharing, Named Hangouts, etc.
■ Google Music - ♫ You can share Music on Google+
■ Google Ripples - Know how your Public posts are shared Publicly on Google+
■ Google Ripples - See shares of URLs.
■ Google+ Brand Pages: These pages help you interact with your customers Face-to-Face.
■ Google+ Chat: I can customize which people can chat with me.
■ Google+ Direct Connect - Search for Page and automatically add to Circles.
■ Google+ Photos - Easy photo tagging (Automatic)
■ Google+ Photos - You can allow to Download your photos in Full size.
■ Google+ Profile - Five custom scrapbook photos
■ Google+ Profile - Larger space to introduce to the World 'Who You Are'
■ Google+ Profile - You can know what you have +1'd on the internet. [The Google+ Brand Pages that you +1 also appear in the +1's of your Profile]
■ Google+ Search filters - People, Pages, Posts,Sparks & Hangouts.
■ Google+ Search filters - Posts from Your Circles, Only You, & from the Entire Web.
■ Google+ Search is also integrated with TRENDING TOPICS, and HASHTAGS
■ Inbuilt photo editing tools using Creative Kit (Picnik integration).
■ Instant Upload Pics from your Mobile Device (Android & iOS)
■ Keyboard Shortcuts to browse through Google+ easily:
->> "/" to Search,
->> "J/K" to toggle up/down posts,
->> <ENTER> to Comment,
->> <SPACE> to scroll down,
->> Shift+Space to go up the stream,
->> TAB, then ENTER to submit comment after posting.
■ Memes : Create memes right from the stream after uploading a Pic.
■ No Advertisements
■ No-one can restrict anyone from adding them to circles.
■ Public posts appear in Google Search
■ Reports, Feedback, Suggestions are GREATLY considered.
■ Separate Notifications for Game notifications
■ Supports Hashtags with Autocomplete feature.
■ The character support is greater (ex:Twitter has 140 characters per post)
■ The development team members are available to help at any instance
■ What's Hot Stream : Contains the hottest/coolest posts all-over Google+
■ You can control the volume of posts of each circle that appear in your STREAM.
■ You can edit your post(s) after you publish it.
■ You can format your post with BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough.
■ You can MUTE notifications or the entire post.
■ You can restrict re-sharing and restrict comments on Posts.
■ You can share circles with anyone you want to.
■ You can use Google+ Circles to save bookmarks [You can create an empty circle and share it with that Circle]
■ You verify your email, profile, page, etc. (So, everyone know its really YOU)
■ YouTube button - You can listen to any music on YouTube while on Google+

Please lemme know if I have missed any....
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