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This is the coolest video ever!

Welcome to the Nfl/college club

Who is going to be the best QB of 2012
A). Andrew Luck
B). Robert Griffin III
C).Cam Newton
D).Drew Brees
E). Tom Brady
F). Arron Rodges
G).Tim Tebow
H). Peyton Manning
I). Eli Manning
J). Mark Sanchez

Going to football practice soon!

Happy birthday Harry!

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This is a different version of Last friday night. It's probabaly the best version ever!

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Yes i am a Michigan fan. I grew up there. This is an epic picture if you know what i mean.

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This video is called marble hornets. its very creepy. watch it. share it with others. start witht the intro and keep going.

Football practice started two weeks ago. Hope i get a good position. And the olympics are for some reason boring to me.
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