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Social media the enemy of creativity?
John Mayer cautioned against seeking out “joy in little, tiny statements – little, tiny applause hits.” -- “I remember playing the guitar through the amplifier facing out the window of my house onto the street in the summer time – that was social media in 1992.”
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Loved the link to the Berklee blog on Mayer, Nick. Very wise commentary on creativity...
Yeh Dan... I'm just exploring G+, and trying to come to clarity about how to use social media in a way that engages without being a huge creativity sink. It feels good so far. Perhaps it could replace everything else (twitter, FBook, Email) which would make things so much simpler, provided the people in your life take it up too, of course.
I'm with you, Nick. Twitter and Facebook don't feel as good to me as they once did, and I'm still happiest with my blog!
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