Divine Inspiration

+Paulo Coelho -- speaking on the subject of where inspiration comes -- describes (http://goo.gl/NpN9T) how there are two types of writer. The first, like Proust and James Joyce, have an imaginary world in their heads so they don’t need much else in order to write. The other group, like Hemingway and Paulo himself, feed off their own life experiences as fuel for their stories. I don’t believe that it’s just writers or writing that this applies to, but to all of us and all creative activity.

As you may have gathered, I fall firmly in the second camp. I get my energy and inspiration from the people, connections and happenings around me… you lovelies especially :).

At the moment I work on my own and from home, with walks and sojourns at the local café to keep me sane… but I can’t see it staying that way for too long. The idea of sharing a work space with others is definitely floating my boat at the moment. Working from a place like this sounds too much like fun…
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