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Divine Inspiration

+Paulo Coelho -- speaking on the subject of where inspiration comes -- describes ( how there are two types of writer. The first, like Proust and James Joyce, have an imaginary world in their heads so they don’t need much else in order to write. The other group, like Hemingway and Paulo himself, feed off their own life experiences as fuel for their stories. I don’t believe that it’s just writers or writing that this applies to, but to all of us and all creative activity.

As you may have gathered, I fall firmly in the second camp. I get my energy and inspiration from the people, connections and happenings around me… you lovelies especially :).

At the moment I work on my own and from home, with walks and sojourns at the local café to keep me sane… but I can’t see it staying that way for too long. The idea of sharing a work space with others is definitely floating my boat at the moment. Working from a place like this sounds too much like fun…
Holy Startup! Swedes Convert Former Church Into A Center For Entrepreneurship. By Mika Aho, January 05, 2012, 3 Comments. Swedish entrepreneurs can now start reaching for truly divine heights as a for...
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Churches, libraries, and schools, as well as malls, are the places we're going to be taking over in the future to create open ended community spaces where people can learn, teach, collaborate, and problem solve community problems, for free. It's slowly happening, and I'm looking forward to it really ramping up as the old rigid ways of doing things disappear, and the new, fuzzier ways of living as networked self-supporting communities become the norm!
+Turil Cronburg What a lovely picture you paint, Turil. I hope your are right... I can't wait! :)
+Nick I wanted to comment about the hemingway Joyce post but can't get in up there. Which one are you? And where are the women in that comparison? 
+Kirsten Ogden Haha... that was their generation Kirsten, this was one is ours... and one in which lady wordsmiths appear to be leading the way ;)
+Nick Smith if you wouldn't mind, would you send me an email, on my page, there is access. I have a sincere question, please. Thank you. I would greatly appreciate it more than you could possibly know.
+Valerie S. Goldsworthy That's done! BTW, my email address is on my profile for anyone to get in touch... and everything here is 'public'.

+jane mizrahi Jane, have I done something to upset you? ;)
That question appears so simple and straight forward on the face of it…but I don't know to answer that in any meaningful way without going into how an 'external' and 'internal' experience actually come about. Braver souls than I have written whole books on this and still (IMO) failed miserably! I'll have a go, but may take a while. :)
"I am just going outside and may be some time"... L.Oates
+Nick Smith and +jane mizrahi I've observed that we all fall into the personality spectrum between Autism and Schizotypal personalities, partially the result of natural variation in genes, and partially the result of natural variation of environments in young children's lives. The Autism side folks are focused mostly on external experiences and relationships, carefully observing other individuals both living and non-living to understand how things are unique, different, and interesting. The Schizotypal folks are focused mostly on internal experiences and relationships, carefully observing themselves and how the different ideas and feelings they have are similar and connected and interesting. :-) Both obviously are still very influenced by the other end of things, so we all are both internally and externally motivated, but most folks are more of one than the other, with just a few folks who are right in the middle of the spectrum.
+Turil Cronburg "...we all fall into the personality spectrum between Autism and Schizotypa".. Sounds like psychotherapy is good career choice then, eh Turil ;)
Seriously though, thank you for this perspective. Personality types is not a field I'm too familiar with, but even so this rings true to me. :)
Heh, yeah, psychotherapy is just one of the many tools I need for my work, which is education and education reform. In order to teach well, and to design policies that support the best learning environments for people, I have to know about human brains and how they work. :-)
They aren't diseases! :-) They are personalities. Corporate/political society has popularized the meme that the normal range of human personality types is somehow "wrong", rather than normal and wonderful, and offering us more ability to be successful as a species. Everyone, no matter what their brain does, is valuable in some way. It's up to us to figure out how.
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