Time, Space and the Infinite

”If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is - infinite.”..… William Blake

First Observation: The only way that we experience what we call 'time' is to let our attention slip away from the reality around us, and enter the realm of thought instead. We access what we call ‘the past’ through memory, and what we call ‘the future’ through imagination. ‘Past’ and ‘future’ are both mental constructs -- concepts in our mind.

This is how it is for you, me and everyone else. No one has ever experienced time except in thought, nor will they ever do so.

Second Observation: As Einstein pointed out in his theory of special relativity, time and space are inextricably linked. First principles that apply to time must also apply to space. Without this knowledge the GPS system in your car or phone would not be accurate.

By extension: If you take these two observations together, the only reasonable conclusion is that what we experience as time and space is in fact an illusion - an outer reflection of our past/future orientated way of thinking… and what is actually real must be, by definition, both changeless and infinite. Hmmmm :-\

But we need 'time' to be real.


Because without it none of the paradoxes in this video would be possible. And what would be the fun in that! ;)

Hat tip: +archer rehcra for the link
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