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The most diverse science fiction convention in New England
The most diverse science fiction convention in New England


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Our very own assistant con chair was on the news tonight talking about #Arisia. She'll be on again at 9:30 & 11 pm.

Food trucks will be returning to Arisia!

After their stellar reception at Arisia 2014, The Taco Truck and Mei Mei Street Kitchen will be returning.

Look for them outside of the Grand Concourse on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11am-4:30pm.

Arisia will be offering the a Tactile Tour of the Art Show at 4pm on Saturday. This tour was developed for blind and low vision fans, but anyone is welcome to come on the tour for a closer examination of some of the works on display. Cotton archivists gloves will be provided to all participants.

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Arisia has a number of things in place to support attendees with disabilities at the convention.

We will be marking the back of badges again this year for people who cannot stand for long periods of time who need to bypass lines, or for people who need seats at the front of large events, due to mobility, vision or hearing. See the information desk in the lobby. We will also have parking spaces for wheelchairs and scooters in all panel and event rooms.

We will once again have a quiet room, to rest and take respite from the noise and chaos of the convention, in room 401.

We will have alternative format publications. Braille, large format, and electronic text versions can be picked up at the information desk (the Souvenir book is available as e-text with image descriptions by request). KonOpas, the online app for the Arisia schedule has been tested and is screen reader compatible, if you want to set up your schedule on a device before con. (Thanks to Worldcon, who found someone to test it).

Attendees bringing Personal Care Assistants may ask for a free membership for that person. email for details

More details at:

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Looking for another mobile version of our schedule? The schedule for Arisia 2015 is live on Guidebook! Check it out here:

Want to know what's going on during con? The Arisia Newsletter Clear Ether is on Twitter at @ArisiaEther. Check it out for official con changes and updates.

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The Westin has released extra rooms to us on a first-come basis.

These are King rooms only and we cannot promise whether they will be in a quiet or active part of the hotel. If you try the link and are unable to create a reservation, it may mean that there are no rooms available. The link will allow you to create a reservation from Friday-Monday. If you would like a reservation outside of those dates, after making a Friday-Monday reservation please email with your confirmation number and the new dates you would like to request.

"Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations!"

There will be a table with pronoun ribbons in the Concourse (downstairs from the lobby) to support respect and representation for our diverse attendees. People of any gender or presentation are welcome to wear them.

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Don't forget to check out this year's Maker and Art workshops!

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Arisia workshop updates! We've got so many there's no room for them all. Check them out at
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