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 Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Women/Men/Boys and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 Paradise West Drive number B: La Quinta, California 92253.Last night with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington
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Love and devotion, with twisted views of truthful and honest, and steals for bison and cattle monthly in Uplands Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, fag hag also. -Steven Jay Jarrot, after having Tina in the house, what a joke-its on him, Rocky/Rotten/Rachel Jarrot  has online to laugh at him with her friends, "fat boy", term of endearment for snakes?
cucksucker: party and play:7605643510:Nice guy iso male to pnp with - m4m(83458 tropical ct, indo,ca 92201)Steven Jay Jarrot:3107777889
Bugs and Butterflies, One Life To Live, Beetle Bats
Uritza Smith : May 19, 2013: STEVEN had her car removed for the location 277 E Stevens Road, Palm Springs, California. The Car was Washington State Number 974 MLL/Blue/Solara Camry. Stolen Last night between Midnight and 6 am. May 9,2013.Would you like to help her have car return TODAY? Otherwise I hope this little tip with assist you with that cause.

American Birds, sit and spin, tales in the air, heaven and the stars, to shine daily, delights. Time to stop, teeth in heads, jokes to laugh, kids of the young at heart, jumps for joy, songs to sing, glory days again, dances in the dark. Monkeys to acts, kids and goats, love and hate, sheep to know, kids with horns, love and hate, in the fields. Songs to hang on, things are not bad, songs to sing, daily event. Happy to know, the trips to hell and back, time to say good bays of hay. Feed the animals in the barn, the kids, the goats, Jesus Christ, born in a barn. Saints and Sinners, Earth Angels, Wishes Done... Wigs will do, colored hair will work, locks of hair, bags to sell to Rachel Jarrot, good times, party and play with a snake today. Fags and dykes, butches to bitches to cum lick, blow jobs 300 a day. Rach Jay, Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, Reese Uritas Smith, Sheri Gooshiter Jarrot, Manny Strong, turns on the dick less freaks, Steven and Charlie R. Jarrot, 7608512267 to date, pimps at 9099200725. 
Wow this shit right here is crazy lmfao...hay uritza how's my son doing. Do all your friends here know that you took our son an hauled ass to cali an lied to the courts about where I was from an that I beat you an you were scared for your life lol. Told the courts IN CALI knowing I live in North Carolina...that you didn't know where I was an that I was from cali an that is why they let you potition me through a news paper in cali. Cause you knew damn well had you of potition me personally I'd of been there to prove your lies. It's ok tho all in due time Elijah GUTHRIE will want to know the truth an seek me out for it cause that kid knows your a lier. Hell he's been living with his aunt for the past 6 years anyway cause your ass can't stay out of trouble. Did you ever get picked up on the warrant that had out for you cause you couldn't make it to court on your drug charges. I pray for you uritza. I hope one day you will see the big ass lie you have made an one day you'll make it right before it's to late. Oh an by the way north carolina dismissed the child support case cause the judge ruled you committed fraud in the state on California. Told you the truth will always come out! 
Girl of Day Rachel Jarrot, dances on pole, freak and frogs, slut and dimes, dances all night, pimp to call daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, party and play, dances on the sands of time - Misty Stone - American actress and model. Role model, or not, parts to act: for Rach Jay, Rachel, Sheri and Sima Jarrot, movies yet to be made. Parts to play, dancers for dollars, what does love have to do with it, dancers on poles.

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classes of dogs, white and blue, faces of cheap tricks, lots of laugh,
Rachel Jarrot, not in the movie, slut on a pole in Cali, dates on the beach.
Faces of snakes in the grass, porn sluts in lights, tricks on a pole, lovers to
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