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Five Things Your Business Card Needs
Business cards are one of the most common tools used to network and market in the world. How many times do you get handed a businesscard? What makes you keep it? What makes you throw it out? Too many companies create a cluttered business card that has too many additions, it is cluttered and can overrun other sentences, and difficult to look at due to too much graphics. When designing a business card, keep these ideas in mind;

Your business card has to make a stunning impression right away. Before they even look at the pictures or who to call, before they even make an informed opinion. You need to make sure that it is sleek, the ink is sharp, is the card of a high quality or easy to bend? Remember, the quality of a business card is vital to whether or not it will go in the bin, in the wallet, or you will receive a phone call from the recipient.

You need to have our name on the business card. This may sound really simple, but some people think that leaving a name off of the card creates mystique – well this is silly. You want to build trust and put a name to the face, and to give off a quick statement so they know who you are. This is for contact purposes – not just to throw your business out there to anybody who will listen.

Contact Information
This must be on it. You need to give some way for them to get in touch with you. You are looking to include your phone and E-mail address, maybe even a Twitter handle and LinkedIn. You should show yourself to be really easily contacted and accessible, but make sure that you have a handle that makes sense – if your name is Brian Smith and you work for G6-Trading, you go for @Briansmithg6 and, not @superbrazLFC or something like that – you need to look professional.

Space everything out, you might want to tell them your life story through the power of your business card, but too much space makes it very cluttered and as if you are worried that you need to overcompensate with information overload. White space makes everything nice and easy to read, as well as professional. You don’t want to hand over the scribbling of a mad man, you want to hand over something sleek that looks like you took a lot of time and effort to make.

So remember that the importance of your business card is unparalleled, there is nothing more powerful than meeting a client face-to-face, and you need to have your card on hand so that later that night when they ask themselves “Who was that guy? The guy from the party...what was his name? Oh yeah, I got his card....” You do not want them to finish that sentence at “The guy from the party...” So be creative but professional – think about cards that made you intrigued in the person behind it, and use those principles to create a sleek and professional business card!

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