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When I change to ultra power saving mode, and then revert back to standard mode, on my Samsung S7 edge, the settings on Evie doesny change back. The icons are as they were in the ultra power savings mode.

Hi is there a way to hide apps?

Requests for next version:

1. Bake in left swipe for Google Now (now Googles own launcher)

2. Have option to hide status bar or hide Google search bar. Its too busy up the top with the status bar, google search bar and common time/date/weather app on my Samsung S7 Edge (which doesnt allow for removal of status bar in its standard production-run or developer-mode enabled version).

Notifications!!! So glad you delivered on your promise!! I was afraid Id have to remove it because of this feature missing previously.

But whats happened to Google swipe-up? The swipe up now gives the contents yo what was the swipe from left. So please put the Google Cards in the swipe from left.

Awesome and still my number 1 and only launcher! Merry Christmas and HNY to Team Evie. 💗🎉
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