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Google+ guru Bradley Horowitz, Path's Dave Morin, and GroupMe's Jared Hecht on "the biggest problem in social networking"
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I think you should be circling more people sir. Let's engage ;)
:) Uh oh... here comes the "ghosts from the ghost town" :)
Hey +Austin Carr! I also live in NYC. If you would like to meet up for coffee or a drink sometime to talk about this, let me know :-)
And it was the very first time we all met in person. We "met" on G+.
I can see not enjoying Google+ if you think it is a Facebook clone. Facebook is about staying in contact with people you know. Google+ is about learning more about the things that interest you, and the people who share those interests.

You're doing it wrong.
Aww look... 9 people circled you already from one post :) ... hmmm too bad it looks like you wont see any of this.. :)
Elisa T
"I built a sandpit, and told 9 friends about it, but they were all playing in the kiddy pool so my sandpit was boring." If it had occurred to you, there's a whole bigger sandpit here in G+ already which has a HUGE number of people and a ton of awesome toys. But you have to get off your butt and try it.
It's simple, search on some interesting hash tags, then circle everyone that says something you like. Do the same with the folks that comment, because some of us (like myself) comment way more than they post.
+Austin Carr Did Zuckerberg et al pay you to post articles defining G+ as a "ghost town?" Just wondering.
Saw this from +Stefanie Cruz's page and I agree with her. I am definitely seeing and meeting more new people on here than I am on Twitter and FB combined. If you interact with the ghosts, we'll interact back ;)
That was then...this is now. Google+ has been releasing new updates on a weekly basis. My stream is active and it doesn't resemble FB in any way shape or form.
I'm guessing he doesn't have email or any push notifications enabled? Well that doesn't help with engagement levels.
Hello fellow phantoms! I was feeling so alone here on G+ when finally I found this fabulous page IDon'tKnowHow!
I actually just decided that I will create a circle with you guys in, called simply ghosts circle. (シ)
In this way we can keep in touch and feel less lonely?
Actually, I just noticed the avatar I have since 2 months ago and I LOL'ed hard. Seriously.
+Ayoub Khote I'm guessing he doesn't have any push or email notifications. I commented on his last article suggesting he log in and see the activity on his one and only public post. It doesn't appear he's reading the comments on his own article though....
Hey +Austin Carr, pleased to meet you. I am ghost #4,978.
Like has been said before, if you're going to compare G+ to Facebook, then Facebook will always win because facebook has everything facebook has and Google+ doesn't. But that's exactly the point - they're different networks with different purposes. The best part about G+ is that it's being used in hundreds of totally different and unexpected ways - I'm just a little nobody in the south of England, but over the last month I finally got to meet 35 people from G+ all across America! These people I met through common interests and consquential friendships, whereas I met all (most of) the people on facebook (not knocking them) in real life first and am therefore expected to add them and keep in touch with them.

Facebook keeps you in touch with people you (don't necessarily want to) know; Google+ connects you with new awesome people who can broaden your horizons substantially - metaphorically and literally :)

(Check out my profile to see the places I've been and the people I've met. I may also be moving out to SF, again thanks to the people I've met on here.)

Please come back and give us another go? We're fun, honest!

+Kamal Tailor looking forward to our pint! (And even though I'm only 19 I'll be able to drink it over here :P)
+Stephanie Van Pelt that's also why I created the ghost circle: I added in that circle his 9 contacts too (who seemed to be mostly co-workers): I am pretty sure that soon or later at least 1 out of 9 will tell him.
There's another point: I'd rather sign up for a service with High Quality content written by a select group of posters and commenters, than having to wade through tons of mediocre interactivity. To me, quantity including quantitative engagement figures is not an issue, as long as I know a few writers who have interesting posts. If I e.g. only had a few G+ers like +Max Huijgen in my circles, I would check my stream frequently.
Elisa T
You'd think someone who works in social media would figure out how to notice people are replying.
Carter's Ghosts.. putting the OoOoOOOooo in Gooooogle Plus. I've discovered more new cool people on here since July than I did on Facebook in the 3 years I used it.
How can this guy write an article being so critical of google+ when he doesn't even use it? If he was active then I can see him giving some insight on his experience.
Now thats about all i can take,, you guys need to quite down,,can't a ghost be left along Ծ_Ծ
I feel there's a sad tendency among "journalists" to write about Google+ in a negative light without actually ever having used Google+ (where just having a profile and 9 people in your circles does not constitute real usage). These "journalists," like +Austin Carr in this case, then do a quick drive-by on Google+ to drop off a link to their article for then never to return again, despite the sometimes quite huge amount of feedback they get.

(I'm referring to +Austin Carr in the third person because I expect him, like the rest of the "journalists" writing about Google+, not to return to Google+ to engage with the people leaving him feedback.)
Since +Austin Carr has given us a chance to network, let me know if you are an artist, writer, or environmentalist and let's circle each other. I'll only circle back if I know who you are so be sure to let me know it's you. FYI, I write about all the great artists I'm finding on G+ and if you are interested, you can read those reviews by checking out my public postings or seach for #saturdayartreview Later today I'll be posting a review of a Canadian photographer. Btw, I'm guessing that Austin is on FB. Can someone please leave him a FB message and tell him to check his G+ messages? Surprise! LOL.
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