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Your depressing, yet accurate, tweet for the evening.

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I think I broke the internet. #alphabear

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One of the best words games. Lovely presentation, bit the best bit is the saying it makes from your words.

Alphabear is pretty cool. Check it out on Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!

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A bit of weather we're having.

Bit of tidal surge action in Redcar tonight (05th Dec 13)

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Lovely HD Audio project

My beloved Squeezebox SB3 (Classic) is 
poorly, the vacuum fluorescent display switches on for a moment and then goes dark. 

It's probably fixable, the music still comes out fine and since the remote broke years ago, I've only ever controlled it with the web interface or the android clients.

Since Logitech have killed the Squeezebox range in preference to their almost identical, but braindead, UE range, I decided to look for a replacement, and for anyone who knows me.. at as low a cost as possible but with the highest fidelity.

I started looking into USB HD Audio devices (ones capable of 96khz/24bit and higher playback) for connecting to my Raspberry Pi and bought a $42 HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC with it's hybrid 3.5mm audio jack that is also an optical output.

The problem with the Raspberry Pi is the same as my original SB3, control, so while I could replace like with like for little money, I wondered if I could do better.

Looking in my cupboard of shame, things I've bought for projects that have never transpired (hello CrystalHD mini pci-express board!), I found my O2 Joggler with its 7” capacitive TFT touch screen (800x480) and the same Intel Atom Z520 in my wife's laptop.

A bit more digging later on the Joggler forums, I found people had done exactly the same as I was dreaming of - a touch screen HD audio music player. I got to work.. I reflashed the O2 firmware with a replacement OS image because I wanted it to be a dedicated Squeezebox device and never more an O2 Joggler.

The image and installation instructions came from here:

So, in about half an hour (writing the image to a usb stick and reflashing the Joggler) I had a working touch screen Squeezebox player, however it still wasn't HD audio, what happened to the USB doofah?

I plugged it in, I installed a Jive applet to enable digital connection switching and pressed play and woof... high fidelity audio coming out of my AV amp and B&W speakers.

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A work of Irish ingenuity

Everything you need for a full Irish breakfast (8 Irish sausages, 4 free range eggs, mini white and black puddings and 4 rashers of bacon) for two healthy* appetites... all in one box and all for €4.49

* People may not stay healthy for long if this breakfast is repeated daily.

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All that commonsense isn't going to stop me dying needlessly but I liked reading about it.

Bluetooth was sent to try us

On holiday trying to get an iPhone transfer some photos to an iPad... Why did I have to resort to using a cable and a windows PC to achieve it? That's right, we tried to use Bluetooth.

The iPad could see my Android phone but not the iPhone. The iPhone could see my Android but not the iPad. My phone saw both. Couldn't send files from my phone to either.

Get the cables out and vow never to suggest using Bluetooth again.

Spam and chips

I took a peek into the cesspit which is the company's Google Postini spam filter quarantine summary email and saw a email from with the subject "Receive Refund To Your Anual Tax ! "

Why go to the effort of crafting a nearly plausible email from address and then misspell the subject and add an exclamation mark!? I'm pretty sure no-one in Her Majesty Revenue Service has ever used an exclamation mark, in private or at work. It's probably a disciplinary offence if one is used in work's time. 
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