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Packed Webtuesday at Liip Zürich on BitcoinJs, bringing together the two things that keep us up at night: JavaScript and volatile currencies. Good stuff!
Langstrasse, Zürich
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what is the shark-jumping delay for these things in .ch, usually?
Sounds great! We are on the look for good speakers on virtual currencies for Lift. Did you spot any?
Hehe, Hannes, next time I'll be sure to dumb it down a bit for you, with less code and more lolcats. Just kidding. :P
I can imagine myself presenting hanging upside down out of a helicopter. :)

Are you talking about this one: Lift12, Geneva, 22-24 Feb 2012? If so: Sure, I'm in Geneva every other month for the Bitcoin meetup anyway, I can just make that line up.

As long as I don't have to present in French...
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