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My mom's asking me why Basel's newly founded (and handsomely funded) newspaper TagesWoche has to buy all design and technology up there in Berlin.
I do not know. But it doesn't shed a good light on the local web community. It's a pity.

Anyway: nicely twisted name TagesWoche - and all my best wishes, go kick some ass!
Die TagesWoche ist die neue Stimme aus Basel. Sie redet mit und gibt zu reden, sie lässt Leserinnen und Leser mitreden. Die TagesWoche eröffnet ein neues Forum — erstmals am 28. Oktober. Die TagesWoch...
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There's normally a really, really simple reason in these cases: Somebody important in the team likes to hang out in Berlin. And if you work with agencies in Berlin, you obviously have to go there for meetings several times a year. Typically the meetings take place on a Friday, which of course forces everybody to stay for the weekend...

The excuse that you can't get the same quality in Switzerland is of course total BS. It's almost always somebody's personal preference.
And maybe also a price issue? I find software developer rates in Switzerland pretty lofty.
Hey, what works for (e)Zurich … but seriously, they look like good (print) designers.
Oh, that explains it. The software probably depends on this special type of bits that is only available in Germany...

Well, good luck then. I know a certain other Swiss newspaper that had to cancel several IT projects with a German partner because all that specialness didn't exactly compensate for the difficulty of communicating with a remote partner and the lack of knowledge about the local market.
On the other hand they have +David Bauer, and there's no way to be angry with that guy. So all's going to be fine .. :)
At least the website is hosted in Basel ;). Our proximity to Germany enables us to deliver that special type of bits...
Merci David - und weiterhin gute Reise, täglich wie wöchentlich.
+Andreas Goeldi You of all people should know that having a software written usually is a bottomless whole, and me too, I know of countless projects by swiss publishers that have been canned after the first +millions of spending and promises - in or outside of Switzerland.

Sourcefabric already has a CMS that's perfect for our needs, is open source and is maintained and designed by people with a background in media.
I have seen at least as many projects based on "standard software" that went completely down the hole. Normally both sides don't understand the requirements fully, which leads to endless rounds of changes, even in the core product.

IT projects are always a challenge, but very often the illusion of "it's already finished" lulls people into a false sense of security. I'm not saying that's the case here, just a word of warning...

Also, Open Source is great, but my first question is always if there's a broad community outside the manufacturer supporting the product. If that's not the case, an "open source" product is not better than a proprietary product with a source code escrow agreement.
Well TagesWoche guys, the thing is this: the journey you're on is an awesome opportunity not only for you guys, but also for a whole region, a whole community where many already do feel attached to the endeavor, and very much so. Importing stuff instead of locally developing it might be just a "build or buy" decision, but it's like printing your paper in, let's say, Poland. That would be frowned upon as well, but with software and design things looks different: you said in public that here's not the place to get the good stuff, and that was accepted without any discussion at all. That's the point, and that's what's worrisome. That some if not most Swiss publishers are borderline clueless might be true, but is not the point. That Sourcefabric is doing a great job and that Open Source rules is certainly true as well, but that's not the point either.
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