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Eric Schrag
Android Coder, Snowboarder, Hockey Fan, Hockey Player. Shuffle as needed.
Android Coder, Snowboarder, Hockey Fan, Hockey Player. Shuffle as needed.

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I've got five unopened blank mini Androids for sale. I'll toss em in the mail to a US buyer for $30 shipped.

Edit: Going to reserve the right to find something cheaper than Priority Mail.

I recently moved jobs, and I don't have office space to display 110 Androids anymore. Giving serious consideration to selling off my collection, or at least vast swathes of it. Is there any value guide out there worth looking into besides "browse ebay and this community"?

Still have an I/O for Families to trade. Would primarily be interested in a Google Knight, but would be interested in other GSEs or APs. (Already have previous I/O specials, Analytics 1, and Glass Penguin.) Send hangout or comment here.

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OK, Glass. Be adorable.

I have I/O15 to trade. Would love to get myself a GE or AP, (edit: Penguin acquired!). Let me know what you can offer! (Via Hangout is fine, or leave a comment or send a private post.)

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I received this little guy unboxed at I/O 15. I'm trying to figure out if he's Rainbow Collection or MWC 2012. I suppose that without a box it'll be impossible to authenticate.
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If anyone could give me an idea of what it might take to trade for a Glass Penguin mini, please message me. I'd very much love to get one, as I love penguins and snowboarding...

Am I crazy, or does Lollipop consistently fail to put stacktraces into logs? Debugging has gotten way worse in 5.0 as far as I can tell. Is there a work-around? Am I the only person this happens to? Are these questions rhetorical?!

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