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Back on G+ after a good six months of tolerating Facebook's BS....why on earth did I ever leave?

is dogsitting this weekend...if you're in the NB area and want to hang, come find me!

So, you know that gross gunk that collects on the bottom of your computer mouse? It's been collecting in a spot on my wooden desk, for lack of a mousepad. What's the best substance to clean it off with?

What a crazy weekend....soon to be a crazy month, too. Still have Soulfest AND vacation in NH.

SO not down with this sickness...for real.

I saw this movie for the first time tonight, and was stunned at this part for two reasons:

1. Mel Gibson can friggin DANCE.
2. I have actually done this on several occasions - not this exact dance per se, but danced around the apt/house to ol Franky blasting on the speakers.
What Women Want Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) Dancing Scene

just finished a gaming binge. I think now I'm going to just read and play guitar for like 2 weeks...
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