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Do you use Facebook live?

Wouldn't it be cool if you could INSTANTLY Share that video to all of your social channels simultaneously....

Communicate to thousands of people through your Social Network. Boost the exposure of your ventures with automation and precision! Set and forget Live Video routing that creates targeted broadcasting. Drive more traffic to your Live Broadcasts with ease!

Syndicate to multiple networks at once...
Syndicate your Facebook Live Video to multiple social networks.

Not only that, it communicates with your Email and SMS List. Syndicate your Facebook LIVE Video to Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages at the same time. Send automated alerts to people who follow you, and make sure they jump on to watch you LIVE.

Syndicate your LIVE Video to Facebook Groups
Syndicate your LIVE Video to Facebook Pages
Automated Tweets to let people know you're LIVE
Automated Linked In updates to let people know you're LIVE
Automated Emails that deploy when you go LIVE
Automated SMS alerts that you're on LIVE...

Start your trial now at


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Do you know anyone who’s made a million dollars?


Do you?

Doesn’t have to be someone you know personally.

Only someone in the world who’s earned 1 Million Dollars.


Well, I believe YOU have the power to do the same.

Whether it's on the internet, off the internet. I actually think that the way that you can earn a million dollars is not as important that you CAN do it.

So today, I'm going to talk about the secret that you can use to make millions and millions of dollars.

Are you ready for it?

Because you’re going to hear principles, and keys to unlocking these million dollar secrets FAST.


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