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Movers Select Van & Storage are Green!

We won the first ever Unigroup sustainability competition in 2015 and we're glad we didn't last year because that means other Mayflower agents are stepping up their game!

Here are a few of the efforts we are making to save our world and we hope you are too!

Select Van & Storage Are Green!
Here are just a few of the ways that we contribute to the environment...we can only hope that other moving companies share in our efforts!
• Buy office copy paper with at
least 30% recycled content
• Purchase and use safer, more
eco-friendly alternative(s) to
previously used products for
janitorial, pest control, and/or
facility maintenance
• Purchase recycled/remanufactured
toner cartridges
• Purchase more materials in bulk
• Use low-emission building
materials when remodeling
Waste Prevention
• Reduce Copying: use electronic
distribution to avoid unnecessary
document printing
• Regularly update/purge our
mailing list
• Contact catalogue senders and
others to reduce the amount of
bulk mail and duplicate mailings
you receive
• Use marketing materials that
require no envelope
• Reuse packaging and shipping
• Install motion towel dispensers
or air dryers near all sinks
• Prohibit littering at the workplace
or while on duty, including the
improper disposal of cigarette
• Recycle paper
• Recycle glass
• Recycle aluminum and other
• Recycle plastic bottles, utensils,
wrappers and other materials
• Recycle boxes and other
cardboard materials
• Recycle pallets, pallet wrap, and
any other wood debris
• Recycle toner and inkjet
• Install signs and distribute
instructions on recycling to staff
• Offer a green or sustainable
product service
• Install trees, bushes and other
landscaping at our local facility
• Implement a protocol for
employee suggestions for
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Ensure a quality household move with professional #movers  and seasonal moving tips.
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In-town moves can be a big job and hectic time for families. Hiring professional local #movers  can make the experience more simplified and less stressful.
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When #moving  your household, near or far, rely on experienced professional residential moving companies with the skilled crews and resources to deliver full-service solutions.
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When looking for your ideal mover, it is essential to invest some time into research. Evaluate both your need and the moving company to be sure of a good fit and quality service history.
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#Moving into your first home can be overwhelming on your own. With our Omaha movers, it's a breeze! #movingday
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Move planning, packing, furniture protection, hauling, delivery, set-up, debris removal - and more - full-service movers do it all so you won't have to. Make your long-distance or local Omaha move a breeze with Select Van & Storage.
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Our Omaha local moving services are easy on your budget and your heart. Get an affordable, stress-free move from our movers today! #movingservices   #movingcompany   #movingtips  
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Indulge in our luxurious moving offerings. Our #Omaha  movers will ensure all of your high-value items reach your new home safely and efficiently. #movingservices   #luxury  
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Don't let your relocation fall into the hands of amateurs. Choose our #professional  moving services in #Omaha  for the most comprehensive and stress-free move you'll ever experience! 
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