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Architect & Dev/ Android Designer
Architect & Dev/ Android Designer

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(Important announcement) Hi Guy's...this is apart of my icon pack Petak it will support all the WhatsApp mod.. Like GBWA,YOWA,WAMA,WAP etc..since i'm also made an icon for WASH that's mean i'm still cant 'WASH' my WASH still in development..since i started to be serious in android development..i'm also working on other future project like icon pack,substratum and also WASH.Hopefully you'll found something new on next WASH release maybe some new interface to be implement from other source..😉 this is my new community for other project..

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I don't know if anyone interested with these kind of art....
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Today is my birthday..thanks god for giving me another year..😊

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Sorry..I deleted my first post to make the community clean.
Here we new artwork for RROS 'liquid'.
Setup with zooper widget-Stile
Substratum theme-Coaldfield
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Happy Eid My Friend!

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This is my first photography...B&W..
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This is my first photography...B&W..
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Here is the Monthly release notes for PitchBlack and i created a promo video to get some idea about the visual look and included features . I hope you like it !

And PitchBlack %50 off on playstore for a week !

Please share and anjoy ! Thanks

Monthly Release Notes

- Added magisk manager BETA 5.0.1 version (optional)
- Google Dialer and contacts app improvements
- Udated app header and other stuff
- Now theme fully supporting tablet UI
- Fixed aosp keyboard bg for tablet ui
- Themed Pixel C launcher for tablets
- Improve google search fot tablets
- Fix navigation bar buttons for tablets
- Added google contacts 2.0.8/9 support
- Google search IME layout improvements
- Themed Whats app stable
- İmproved instagram theme
- Google plus improvements
- instagram improvements
- Settings fixes and improvements
- Added bunch of new color varints
- Themed adaway
- Removed sound packages for now (causes error on some ROMs)
- Fixed google dialer in call fc
- Theme pure nexus ota
- Sort all theme packs by number
- Updates in Google play theme
- Make statusbar no network indicator %50 transparent
- Updated all PitchBlack variant backgrounds (For amoled display)
- Dark themed LinageOS recorder
- Themed AOSP extended ROM OTA app
- Fix settings build errors on some roms
- Updated all MatteBlack themes
- Fixed settings build errors
- Updated SB square signal bars
- İmproved statusbar icons
- Fixed google messages app fc

#pitchblack #promo #4k

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My Homescreen On Friday!🤘
Minima ZW
Nova Launcher
Coalfield Nav Bar
Embossed Icon Pack
Wall By Me In AnCraft Collection.
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