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You were taking away my body
You were taking away my mind
I knew what I had to
But I still didn't do
I had no other option
But to let go
You had started breaking my soul

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But you said you will meet me, where
the earth ends, where
there is death, where
there is dark, and where
there is light

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little shoulders
tiny shoes,
big steps

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fear smeared on face
happy but not
caught red handed

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But till then,
We are here
Somewhere in-between
With them
Without them!

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As parents we are empowering our daughters but are we also setting an example for them? Are we setting gender neutral examples at home? Children learn the most by observing. Are we good examples for our children?

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Dissent is the backbone of freedom I would say. If we can’t disagree, if we can’t stand against something we find wrong, if we can’t questions laws, if we can’t shout at the system, are we truly free?

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It didn’t matter if more people were against it than in favour of it. It didn’t matter that she was 58. Nothing mattered except what she felt in her heart. She knew this was just the first day of the rest of her life.

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