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Deutsche! Kauft nicht beim Adachi!

The Metro Grid banned Adachi, the most famous freebie-SIM in the OS world. Lena Vanilli, owner of the Metro Grid, told us it was because of copyright infringements. We were not told, which items are involved and who from SL complained about the infringement and also not, if the person from SL was really the original creator.
The Metro Admins just took Adachi offline, deleted inventories, threatened to delete even more innocent people's stuff, and even banned the IP of the Adachi - hoster which now involved a lot of other people into this case.
Instead of contacting the hoster, Lena decided to publish a posting on this platform here in the hope the Lord will guide the Adachi hoster to read it, which worked. Hallelujah!
That guy - understandable - complained about not being told what's going on earlier and Lena basically told him to shut up and not to complain.
read the original article here:

Then, a few comments later the same person who obviously doesn't know how to behave properly blesses us with the brilliant tomatoe metaphor. Claiming throwing tomatoes is not a crime. This is wrong! If I throw a tomatoe and this scares a horse which runs over a child and kills it, I'll be charged with manslaughter. Also throwing tomatoes against shop owners who can't even comment or defend in Lena's thread is not necessarily a sign of fine education.
And, by the way, every Sim owner can ban who ever he/she has to, because it's not OK selling freebies which are meant to be free and full perms. This is also a violation of TOS. And we are free to ban drama causing people like Hillie Dryssen or Moonrise Azalee who criminalize and scare our customers and friends with false claims instead of searching a constructive dialogue with us.
This whole matter is not a bit about the copyright thing - most SL creators don't care and don't show up - it is just about money for third parties, who are not the copyright holders, but love to cause drama.
Banning people who ban these destructive people means being solidly united with these destructive elements.

This new witch hunt is about the old witches. The evil greedy ones who want to make a 2nd 2nd Life out of OpenSim and the nice ones who want to share and to create.
If Lena claims, they are the good ones and we are the bad guys, I simply claim the opposite. We act in the spirit of Buddha and Jesus, we believe in a better world without capitalism and labour slavery and we are the better people whatsoever, if it has to come to surpremacy desperately.
Nah, forget it, this self-righteousness is bullshit.
People like the Adachis (I don't speak for them, just feel really sorry for them) or me or many others run freebie places, put a lot of work and time in it and collect stuff we get from anywhere.
Some of it built by OS creators, some stolen, some bought in SL and legally distributed in here. Also, lots of items are developed from other freebies, sometimes changed to the unrecognizable in hours and hours of developing. You never know. There's no chance to know.
Banning IPs and Sims and people and deleting inventories, just because some weirdos from SL require it with no legal basis doesn't lead us any further.

What people like I need is not to learn how many non-participants will lose their inventory in the course of the Great Cleanup, but a list of the items that violate the law of a certain country and I want to know it exactly.
Maitreya for example is not a RL company. No legal action can take place.
Stepping onto the side of those who want all freebie places down to be able to sell their crap for RL money doesn't help us freebie shop owners dealing with these serious issues and keeping the spirit of OS alive.
If you want to fight who ever in whatever war, don't hurt the civillians. Try to make your war fair and transparent. Don't use a sledgehammer to crack a nut. Administer the affair on a platform where everyone can comment. And don't be so arrogant and bitchy, just because you have the power to do so.
I don't see the point in that new war against windmills anyway.

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Everything Gets Worse But 1 Thing - Morals Get Worse

I have 5 followers!
That's why I have to write something, I guess. Is this how some weirdos become bloggers?
Uhm, however, no one from SL or somewhere bothered me last week. I felt much more important when everyone thought I'm responsible for the downfall of capitalism. (And I really wish I was.)

What bothered my last days - I have 2 identical SIMs now - was to keep them identically. Being able to see the 'twin avatar' online, to send him something, which actually arrives correctly with all the contents and textures, being able to TP there, rezz there, bringing all textures there ... it sometimes took me more time to get an item to another grid than to actually create or box it.

There are several simulator versions and some clever people work on them to improve them, but they obviously never think about making them compatible. I got used on saving my outfit at home, got used on boxing everything I bought in another grid and wear that box when TP'ing home, I even got used on being a pink cloud whenever I come home from some worlds far away, but these simulator related problems seem to get worse and not better.

People often talk about what makes (or what could make) the OpenSim world more attractive than SL and for me it could be a better communication between asset servers and between simulator versions.
Something like an add-on-communicator ... okay, I don't really know what I'm talking about, I don't even know how to tell my microwave not to explode, but for me it's just a pain in the aaa - back if I have to try 5 times with LM, with hop, with map, with teleporter, to go to somewhere and taking my pants with me.

Now for the smartass presentation (attention please): Path Dependence. What does that mean? To make it very short, it is a theory which (among other things) claims that the longer you follow a path, the harder it gets to go back or to try something completely different.
Or to react to new influences.
Seeing better simulator versions develop into different directions arises the fear that the better they get, the more they will drift away.

I like the metaphor of chimps and men who can't reproduce any more after 8 million years.
(Everyone who believes in creationism: Just go tell someone else, you don't even understand what a metaphor is, I will not talk to you, may you burn in hell!)
Back to the topic: I carry the pious hope that the developers of simulator versions keep other simulator versions in their minds. Just to keep the enablement of potential exchange of code.
(Which does NOT mean I want anyone to exchange code with a chimp, it's just a metaphor!)

Opensim only works if landmarks work. Newbies must find their ways.
I remember when I came here in 2009 or so (Lucy was already there I guess) and I thought in a few months teleporters, groups, IMs, the search function and simply everything would work like in SL.
Yeah, you laugh now but why the fang doesn't it work after 8 years? If we wait now for 8 millions years, the inhabitants of Osgrid will not be able any more to reproduce with the people of Metro.
I tell you now, later you will see that I was right :D

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Show Must Go on - Maitreya and the Happy Scapegoats

Did you know that a 'scapegoat' comes from the hebrew history? In ancient times a priest transferred the sins of the people into a male goat and then they all evicted the goat into the desert and the sins with it. That's quite a cool idea, isn't it?
But what does that mean for the desert? Correct, it's full of sins. So if such a goat enters a desert it finds itself surrounded by even more human sins.

And now for something completely different:
Some people in SL start to think Dorenas Grid is the biggest and most important grid in the whole Opensim world and Dorena is the queen of all Grids.
We feel incredibly flattered. It is as far from reality like Uri geller's magical powers, but one day someone named Onyx Leshelle, owner of Maitreya in SL, contacted us.
She first contacted the owner of Metro who kindly told Onyx where my Sim is located exactly and then Onyx contacted my Landlady Dorena, to complain about some items I had on box covers in my store. The items were not in that boxes, only something the model wore, but I had some of the items in another store.

Onyx wanted us to take them down in 'all places where they are being shared'. She totally overestimated our magical powers, but however, I went through her SL Marketplace Site and found even more items that were clearly copybotted from SL.
I name the items here, just to let you know:

- Ana Dress
- Anthea Sandals
- Crop Top
- Dakota Dress (Charleston)
- Frenzy Dress
- Laud Boots
- Liaison Pumps (Darlington)
- Wrap Dress

I took them off the store the same day, that wasn't the problem, but Onyx furthermore claimed all female mesh bodies were copies of her Lara MeshBody. So I went to SL and bought a Demo of Lara to have a closer look. The Demo when rezzed poofs after 1 minute, so it was quite hard to see anything. I rezzed and rezzed and it poofed and poofed.
I think Maitreya should change that because the body already got ripped. Lara is almost identical with Athena 1, referring to the cut.

Now, here starts the problem, because the Lara MeshBody was developed in OS almost to the unrecognizable. People added HUDs, people changed it, took off layers, added layers, cut it into smaller pieces and even shaped other bodies like Lara to make them compatible.
In the end I had 6 MeshBodies and 2 gadgets which had the same or a similar cut or at least an alpha HUD using a similar template.

What to do in such a case?
Unfortunately all I remembered from my Media Law seminar was that the professor was quite sexy. I did some research about where the copyright ends and depending on the country you are in: It ends at one or another point of the route from a pocket calculator to a tablet PC.
I tried to find out if there is a Lara patent and didn't find one. I didn't even find a RL company behind Maitreya. Only an SL avatar, but Onyx seemed to be a nice person and I can't condemn people for not being communists. If she doesn't want to share, it's her decision and karma.
Dorena also wanted me to take all female MeshBodies out of the store, because legally the Grid owner is responsible and liable and we already have the reputation of being a bolshevist antichrist Grid. (Which is not true at all, we are satanic communists! Got it?)

On the other hand (forgot the one hand, however) the items are already everywhere. And if I did now what someone from a closed Grid far away wanted me to do, more people would come and cause a lot of stress and work to many, many Grid owners. OS-bashing would become a new sport to the bored SL-community. And the OpenSim world would never be the same, if everyone had to check a million SL-Marketplace sites before adding a color-HUD to a scarf.

And now for something completely different:
When I was a child and I was told that goat-story, I didn't like the end. I wanted the goat making lots of friends in the desert and of course, survive. Children love happy ends. Everyone loves happy ends. I also love happy ends. And you know now all the facts and can make your own decision to feel happy in the end - I have twin SIMs now in 2 different Grids.
One for all the people who feel they have to blame me for totally ruining all SecondLife business and of course for everyone who doesn't want to wear and share copybotted items (or items accidentally developed from copybotted items).
And another one for people who are simply sick and tired of SL drama and just want to build or to look good or whatever makes them happy. Let's call them the Happy Scapegoats.

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Something About Hillie Dryssen

Yesterday a girl named Hillie Dryssen posted an article about my SIM and me in which she claimes I would have nothing but stolen goods on my SIM.
This is not true and it is demation.
What is true, is, Hillie popped up at my place in a very agitated manner and claimed, the skins in the skin appliers (which are the default skin appliers everyone in the OpenSim world has) are full of stolen skins form SL and I should have known.

This implicates I have to go to SL every day and learn everthing about every brand there, which I can't do. I often wrote this on other platforms: There's no way for me to know which freebie is stolen or not. If a creator pops up and says: 'Boy, I made this and I sell it in GCG, remove it!' - I will remove it, of course.

The concerning skins aren't Hillie's. But she is in a grid with currency (and in SL) and want people to buy her skins.
This is ethically questionable as well as her aggresive behaviour against my Landlady, who ist a nice elderly woman, now totally scared and confused what's going on. Hillie told her she talked to 'other big grid owners' who totally agreed with her and in the next sentence she claims she doesn't run around the HG playing SL-police. So, why did she speak to other big grid owners, if not?

Nevertheless, I removed the appliers the very SAME DAY, four days before her posting appeared here. Published in a group where I can't reply.
So this: 'I have the Gridowner this say, this all copybot, but...........'
is a pure lie and a try to bully me, my Grid-owner and the freebie community.
We don't do this for traffic, in a Grid without currency traffic is worthless.

I can imagine Hillie wants my freebie-Sim down. And all the other freebie places. So she can sell her stuff for RL Money. This is not the spirit of the OpenSim community. Please, Hillie, go back to SL where you belong.


Link to Hillie's posting:

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