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644 followers - Exploring the Underworld of Holmes Basic, the original D&D Basic Set Exploring the Underworld of Holmes Basic, the original D&D Basic Set

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Repost for the new collection: You can play Adventure (aka Colossal Cave) - the original text adventure game - on the website for the AMC show Halt and Catch Fire (I've seen the first two seasons). The game play is on a "simulated PC screen circa 1983" with green text on a dark background, and artwork accompanying certain rooms. No save but it seems to remember where you are if you leave the page. #colossalcave

This is a new public collection for an old interest, text adventure games like Adventure aka Colossal Cave, Zork and other Infocom games. Also DikuMUDs.

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Rise of the Dungeonmaster is out today. Here's a review I found with some samples of the art. I don't understand the criticism at the end about today's adventures being more open-ended; modern Adventure Paths and organized play are exactly the opposite.

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Free comic book day haul! The two books at middle top were purchased from the 50% off bins.

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Ernie Gygax on the new graphic novel bio Rise of the Dungeonmaster.
Well I just received a treat in today's mail the graphic novel: Rise of the Dungeon Master. Well 90 minutes later with the story read and an overall good feeling it is time to share something about this. David Kushner interviewed both my father and Dave Arneson in the twilight of both of them when they had both mostly moved on from perhaps the greatest game creation after the advent of Monopoly. The quality of the art is fantastic as done by a true professional Koren Shadmi. As a member of the family and someone who was involved in all levels of the activities described in this work, you can feel the stories as they were told to David come to the fore. As many of the players in the story have passed and the rest of us are aging, stories such as this based on memories of the day are golden. This is an easy read and quite entertaining while based on fact. Of course I have a few qualms with some of the details but overall this is a must have for those interested in the History of the RPG. A few minor things that jumped out at me was the original D20 being numbered 1-20 instead of 0-9 twice, the Chaimail game was released by Guidon Games first, not TSR and certainly without the spiral binding. 1980 was the year TSR quaded not 1982 and other such nitpicking that occur to me BUT those are nothing to the overall storytelling and detail that this beautifully illustrated work bring to the table. I personally place this book as my 2nd favorite work on my families life right behind Empire of Imagination. 

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Greyhawk gumshoe Timrod finds a real world inspiration for the shield device of the Hold of Stonefist!

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+Trent​ fills in a gap in encounters in the Astral Plane as described by Gygax (PHB/DMG) and Deities & Demigods.

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+Trent​ reviews Gygax's 1987 collection of Gord the Rogue short stories, set in Greyhawk. I read this when it came out, stupidly later sold it. Need to reacquire.
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