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Alexander Hesse

Hey there.
I feel like an idiot for having to ask this but here it goes:
I installed Solus alongside Windows 10 on my New Acer notebook. Yes it has UEFI and secure boot and all that crap. I never had to Deal with that before.
I turned secure boot off but kept UEFI on (instead of using legacy boot) and the install went smooth.
However the Solus boot Manager (clear boot Manager is it?) does not seem to recognize my Win 10 Partition. Is there a command similar to update-grub I have to run? clr-boot-manager update sadly did nothing.
What am i missing? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks a lot!

just a quick question. Is there a discord channel for All things Solus?
Thank you!

Hey everyone,
I could use your insight on something. After a lengthy relationship with rolling release distros I'm thinking about returning to a more steady type of OS and what would be better for that than the beautiful elementary os.
Coming from Arch and opensuse tumbleweed I find myself troubled by the thought that I won't have the latest software at my disposal.
Take Handbrake for example. I believe version 1.0 was released just some weeks ago. Bye the nature of eOS this version will never reach the repos unless I include a ppa, right?
How do you guys deal with that? Do you settle for the slightly out of date software? Do you throw ppas at your installation? Does that play nice with your OS or does it cause stability issues?
I would love to hear / read your thoughts on this.
Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend.

Hey everyone. I was wondering if it would be possible to use kdeconnect on Solus. I know it is possible on other desktop environments other than plasma but I can't seem to find a package for Solus. Can anyone send me off in the right direction? Thanks.

I had a brief flirt with the CM12.1 snapshot but guess what: i'm back on Euphoria. CM ist still so slow and laggy compared to Euphoria. It amazes me how people can actually use it without sticking their fingers in their eyes.

I flashed the latest Euphoria build last night and discovered that i cannot get a cellular data connection. (Cell icon displays the little "!" next to it) Yes, my APN settings are correct. Any ideas as to why that is?

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Now with Xposed for Lollipop released (or at least available for testing) are you going to switch to stock + xposed?
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Yes! I hate flashing roms on my hardware
No, i will stick with Euphoria OS!
No, will stick with another custom rom!

Hey everyone,

on the app store some apps (i encountered two of them - runtastic sleep and aviate launcher) wont install because my "device is not compatible with this version". On slimkat this problem was related to changed DPI settings. I also changed the DPI settings on euphoria. However, the problem isnt solved by reverting the DPI back to stock (480 for nexus5). Can anyone tell me how to fix that?

What happened to pantheon-notify? I just installed Luna and i cant install it. "pantheon-notify cannot be found". So it is not in the repos nor in the community ppa any longer?

Hey, does anyone know how to fix the tearing i experience in videos playing in vlc or Totem? I'm using elementary with prop. nvidia drivers (tried 304 and 310) and have a dual monitor setup. There's no tearing in ubuntu 13.04 (which also uses more up to date nvidia drivers). I'm tempted to throw the edgers ppa at my elementary installation but i'm afraid that might break the whole thing.
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