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Please check our Carol Peterson's new Bible study. It's amazing

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Just wanted you all to know..

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Hello, I was just thanking and praising God for His many blessings. Everyday is a gift. Every moment a treasure. I've been busy writing and not spending very much time sharing all the wonderful things that the Lord is showing me - but don't worry, I have lo...

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Faith in Living
We hear the word
“faith” all the time. It means different things to different
people. Most people think of faith as a place as in “house of
faith” or a teaching or doctrine. The worldly meaning of faith is
trusting in the physical, what can be seen—but the ...

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Here I Am
Hello Friends, It has been awhile
since I have posted. I have been on a faith mission of sorts,
pressing in on God and seeking to grow my relationship with Him. It's
been a fabulous journey full of blessing and discovery. I've tested
what God has said in Hi...

thanks tom for the invite! 

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