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Seattle baristas universally used "split shot" to describe half decaf. When I say it in San Francisco, they stare at me as if I just spoke Klingon. Is this a conspiracy by the Seattle baristas to make me look like a tool? Or am I a tool simply by virtue of ordering a half decaf in the first place? Discuss.
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I just Google'd Split Shot and I see a lot of references to fishing.."split shot rig" but not anything to coffee..they might fish more in Seattle than San Fran..
Back in my Seattle barista days people asked for "half-caff"... and they didn't seem to be tools, per se - usually they were prim older women. Not sure what that says about you.
Says I should start saying "half caff" for starters... and are you trying to imply that I'm not prim?
Yes, "half caf" is what I've heard around SF. Probably a local thing. 
+Kyle Glanville When I worked at Vivace I don't recall hearing "half caff" but "split shot" is always used. I don't think it's you. I think SF just hasn't learned the lingo yet. :) Kyle, what is it like in LA?
Although, an iced americano with an orange spritz is really good!
My wife had the same experience with "dirty chai", which I think is a little more universal. Maybe they just don't like you?
Wait, what's a dirty chai?
Split shot is not used here, and I had a similar experience on the preparation side of things.

On a related note, decaffeination of coffee is a brutal, brutal process that robs coffee of so much more than the jolt. I hope a better process comes along some day, but in the meanwhile I would actually try to just drink half as much coffee as you are used to - your taste buds will thank you!
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