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I absolutely love clarifying / explaining what G+ is to people in my community! Today I had the pleasure of explaining it in depth with 3 amazing women. Here's what I learned from them....

There is a misconception that you have conversations with strange people all over the world. (Truth: You have conversations with amazing, talented and engaging people all over the world)

There is also a misconception that you hang out with random strangers. (Truth: You start with someone you know (in my case I started with +Sarah Hill) and met some wonderful people that were strangers at first but after building a friendship through Sarah I now consider them friends and some of them great friends. By hanging out you build trust and find things you have in common with others just like you would with someone you work with or meet through friends)

There is a misconception that it's like Facebook. (Truth: It is nothing like Facebook! Google + continually is changing for the better. (and explains the changes to it's users) The Google + team is involved in hangouts and always listens to those that use it in many different levels making it more accommodating for their users. Also the G+ users are so excited about this form of social media that they are willing to help other G+ users with problems they may be experiencing.)

There is a misconception that everyone can see what you post. (Truth: You can send a message to a group based on your "circles" therefore not everyone can see what you post. For example you can have a "family" circle and just your family see's pictures/posts not everyone else. These are set up by you and you can have multiple "circle groups" to fit your needs)

There is a misconception of "hanging out" and what that means. (Truth: When you "hang out" with someone or several someone's you are literately hanging out in person via Google+. What I mean is... you are familiar with Skype right? Well could you imagine Skype x 10 and clarity is so much better? What I mean is you can hang out with your mom, brother, sister, dad, grandma, aunt, daughter and son all at the same time for FREE! This is one of the coolest features of G+! What an awesome way to stay connected with those you love, friends, and other G+ people! Can you have any face to face interaction on Facebook? Nope!)

I think the biggest thing here in Columbia, MO is people don't understand it. Technology is an amazing thing and it's always changing. You have to be willing to try something new that may be out of your comfort zone to fully embrace it. If we could just get others to try it once or twice I know they wouldn't be so hesitant. It really is a great tool of resources at your finger tips with the many friendships you build. Who would have ever thought I would have friends in Australia, Italy, England, Canada, Nevada, California, Boston and many more places I have never been to! I get to see places, through their eyes, that I have never seen before. It's truly amazing and to think G+ makes it all possible! What an awesome day! :)
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Where do people get these ideas from? I'm glad you were able to educate them on the awesomeness that is +Google+!
would love to see people utilize this much more than they are in Columbia! Great job explaining it!
+Michael Tucker there was so much to do and see for us to do this in person but wouldn't a hangout be appropriate?? Next week let's plan to get together to discuss... safe travels going home my friend!
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